Thursday, February 8, 2018

Micro Ice Age takes a big hit in January

To recap, I have called the 20 cycle the 'Micro Ice Age' as opposed to the Little Ice Age, or Mini Ice age cycle of 300 years.  This ice is a rebound from the 20 years of heat energy build-up in the Pacific.  That collapsed with the monster El Nino giving us a horrible summer, but really weird (hot) Fall.

Residual heat is screwing up my nice picture of a monotonic fall in global temperatures.  The microwave guy must have went South and is very late.  However, the Arctic ice volume chart shows a warm Arctic January.

I saw that in the daily charts.  Lots of heat was coming up through Moscow from Africa.  It's still coming.

Britain is still freezing from the lack of Gulf Stream heat, but the Arctic is warm.  This shows in the ice volume chart.

2017 was crossing lanes and building up to record ice.  All of a sudden, January has our race car drop out of the race.  I suspect that when we finally see the global temp chart, it won't be falling.

I have hope for February or March.  That weird African back-eddy can't last forever.  The Arctic ocean current hammering the GS is still strong.  There is no heat in the Pacific.  The Micro Ice Age goes on. (maybe)

ps.  Note that warm, moist air is going over the Sahara Desert.  Weird.  Anyway, we have never had these sat views for the last turnover in 70's.  I suspect the Atlantic cools by these air disturbances caused by the Pacific.  It's the only thing that makes sense.

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