Saturday, February 24, 2018

Atlantic 'Conveyor Belt' Stops Dead - Mini Ice Age Approaches

I've been looking at these current maps for years now, and this is weird.  First a bit about chaotic behaviour, it can do anything.

All natural processes are chaotic.  That means you can put on a 'bounding box' but you can't get the fine details.  The last 30 years of 'social physics' has been dominated by English Majors who convinced everybody they could beat this.  Everything was 'unprecedented' which meant it left the bounding box.

History will judge them and history is happening now.  The dang Atlantic current has stopped.

 Our famous trade winds on the equator have reversed.

I am not an English Major, so I will not say this is 'unprecedented'.  It's all happened a million times before.  But since the maps came out, I haven't seen it.  I also like dramatic headlines.  It gets two more people to read this.

So, my hypothesis might be changed a little.

Micro Ice Age (20 years) - Pacific stops

Mini Ice Age (300 years) - Pacific and Atlantic stop.  I had thought that the current moves down a little to where it is diverted south, but a full stop will do.

Major Ice Age (10,000) years.  - a mini ice age, combined with isostatic motion effects.

Since everything is chaotic, we could be going right to a mini ice age.  I'm thinking this because ancient records are being broken.

ps. just read in the Guardian that the English Majors are raising a big stink about a warm Arctic.  That's because of all these weird reversals, but now it's going back to -40 where it belongs.  :)

Appendix - English Majors
                   Reversed Flow


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