Thursday, May 21, 2015

Physics Lecture - The Basic Rules of Physics - Tail and Dog Part 3

So now we know the mass ratios of the dog and tail, it's time to look at the noise.  We are also working with heat energy, specific heat, and atmospheric infrared reflectance.  Is the dog active?

Hear a fantastic Nasa simulation.

At same time, we see the clouds following the same lines.

In terms of heat effect, the ratio of ocean to cloud is the same as that of cloud to carbon - many factors of 10.

In fact, the only thing to ever disturb the satellite-determined temperature was a big El Nino. (and a volcano)

The dog is active, and any carbon signal (if it even exists) gets buried in the noise.

In summary, we now live in a world that doesn't believe in physics, but physics believes in the world, and sometimes comes back at ya!

End of series.

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