Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Seismic Hazard - Don't Bother with Schools


Optimists make the point that Charleston hasn't experienced an earthquake since the big one in 1886. A letter writer to this page recently noted that even if there were an earthquake, odds are that students wouldn't be in school when it occurred. That estimation was based on the fact that schools aren't in session on weekends, summers and even for much of the day during the school year.

Yeah! This statement is the best thing since BoobQuake!

With my intraplate earthquake theory, Charleston (Summerstown) is a mid-level zone. That puts it above Toronto (Hamilton), and below New Madrid. I think the above statement is what Toronto uses for it's horrible old schools. There is one with a 10 foot unsupported parapet! Think of what that's going to do to the kiddies beneath!

Anyway, Charleston is fun because they've had a big quake, and totally ignore the hazard. I remember walking there and seeing new shopping malls and condos go up,without a speck of lateral support. The US (outside of California) has always had a problem with building codes.

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