Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Cottage Report

Went up one night with the dog.  Mainly to do some work, and get a lot of white oak rings for the wedding.  We are going to do table numbers with them.

Nice and hot, with very cool nights.  When I came, they had experienced some thunder storms that were super-strong.  Knocked out the power.  No winds but very intense lightning.

ps.  here are oak rings ready for processing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Resuming cooler weather

Strong polar air is coming down on us.  The Atlantic belt is just going straight through.  Good working weather for the cottage.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Weekend in Muskoka

We have relatives up there, and did the whole shebang.  The one rainy day, we went on the boat tour.  This is the sister ship to the steamer.  Nice tour, but all you see are the ridiculously over-built permanent homes there.  No more quaint cottages.  They are fighting people wanting to build huge condo towers, and the cell towers are disguised as trees.

The deer flies were absolutely horrible. 

Uptick in Global Temperatures

Yeah for a warm summer!  Boo to me for warmer temps when I thought things were going straight down.

The June global temps went back a month.

But the general pattern is neat.  This is all 'continental heat', which is just the land warming up, with no ocean involvement.

The end of the Gulf Stream means that the UK is not getting any moist air, which makes for a clammy trumpy handshake.  We were lucky in Toronto because we are getting a huge amount of Atlantic air.  But this can never last.  I suspect that things will be chilly by the second half of August.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Linux 4.18 rc4 finally works with Ryzen5

After many false hopes, this one seems to be stable, and the screen off power management is working.  The developers must have a lot of these chips.  The kernel mode setting (kms) still isn't working on 'recovery mode', but that will come.

So, you can buy this chip and as happy as you can with a computer.  :)

AMD did everything right with this, and it still took 6 months.  I think all the effort is on win gamers for a new chip, but most of these guys go for separate boards.

ps. blah.  Took two days to freeze, a new record.  :(

pps.  now it's freezing like before.

rc5 seems to be worse

Let's do the whole drugs thing


Now that we have big druggies at the top, we should go with this.  Talk about boosting the economy!  The money has to go into guilt-free treatment, like those places that allow you to drink all you want, until you get sick of it.

This is a better dig at nazitrump than stupid tariffs. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Last boys should be out before the typhoon hits

It's really barrelling in there.  I'm glad everything looks good. 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Thailand may be hit by Typhoon Maria

Good thing they are moving out now.  Big stuff is moving in.

This is the chart of moist air.  It only rains when it hits cold air.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Toronto real estate does the dead cat bounce

* no cats were killed in the making of this blog.

Latest housing chart.  The media has this as 'hot'.  They always say that.  Anyway, listings have soared, and sales and prices aren't doing much.  'They say a dead cat can bounce if it drops from high enough.'

My old guy dropped the price 20-30% to sell.  Some new houses have gone on the market in the area at prices higher than peak.  Good luck to them.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Top YouTube Ad Goes to Major Scam

Here's the search for 'youtube'

I clicked the top ad on my Linux laptop

This is the whole major scam.  No feedback to Google.  If I had a win laptop it would frighten me and I would send bitcoins to fix it.  Bad Google

Arctic Ice Volume Doing Well

This is summer, so the Arctic ice volume is following the usual seasonal trend.  It crossed lanes last month and is staying in the pack.  It will cross lanes again in the fall, as the ice builds up. 

By October it should leave the pack behind and head into the open territory to the 1970 curve.

You won't hear any more sob stories about the killer polar bears dying.

Cottage Report - No Blueberries

The mild storms passed on Friday, and now it's cool.  We went up to look at the blueberries.  There are very few, blue and white.  Looks like the whole crop got wiped out.

We are sheltered from the north wind, so it's nice.  Way out on the lake, you can see a good chop.

Out in the distance, it's rough.  Bad for canoes.  We are going back to the 'bad lake' of 30 years ago.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Nebraska earthquakes shut down, move back to Oklahoma

I am assuming the guy in Neb collapsed when old ladies started hitting him with their canes.  Don't break the Royal Dalton!

Earthquake activity in OK seems to be resuming its normal pattern.  Nebraska is quiet.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Tariffs Cost Ten Times the Initial Duty

We can't win a trade war against trumpler.  For every tariff we throw up, it costs us 10 times the initial amount.  Their economy is ten times ours, and it will take ten times as long for things in the US to fall apart.

Canada should declare a major retooling effort.  All imports should have no tariffs or restrictions.  The money we save should go into surviving the new world.  Fix up the dairy farmers and the steel guys.

All our exports to the US should stop while we retool, especially oil and natural gas, and other resources.  Doug should support this.  :)

If we don't do this, we are in the big poop.

ps.  for example, take the whinging dairy industry, especially those french guys.  It is better to open the borders and go into those fully automatic milking robots.  They're all made in Germany, the auto parts guys could make their own.  Also lots of employment for installing, repairing, optimizing, etc.

Instead of 'anti-dumping' we could assume that the world is one market, and just monitor for predatory pricing, monopolies, etc.

pps.  this is the next big idea, after legalizing my Sea Oil.  I accidentally took a huge dose at the cottage, with a new batch that was 4 times stronger.  Man, that fixes you up good.  :)

Gulf Stream Breaks Up

I've pointed out before to the English Majors that the Gulf Stream is dying.  On the sea temp map, it was always a distinctive warm streamer heading to the UK.  Last year, hurricanes followed the path.  Now it has detached to a nub and may die altogether.  For the UK, this winter's 'Beast from the East' will be a fond memory.  :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Typhoons Start Moving in on Thailand

You can see our short heatwave allowed by weak Pacific air.  The big news is around Thailand where the moist air is starting to move in, and you can see typhoons (hurricanes) starting up.

Most likely the cave rescuers don't have months.

University of Leeds goes to the mattresses


Let's forget all the other stuff going on.  We can forget that bacteria took out all the  methane.  We can forget plate tectonics.  Yes children, animals eating plants and breathing started the first warm cycle.  This carbon dioxide thing happened every 300 million years, exactly coinciding with tectonic cycles.  Amazing.  The current ice age is caused by animals not breathing.

ps.  I shall call this Leeds Physics, the art of ignoring the elephant in the room. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Cottage Report - Canada Day

So hot, and we live in a tin can.  The water is still ice cold, so we can sit out on the dock, under the canopy.  I drank lots of water, and went to sleep.  I felt like a lawn sprinkler, pouring out sweat.  Can't do any work.  It's good to have a July heat wave,  they are fragile and we didn't have one last year.

Time to go fishing this morning before the heat blast.