Thursday, November 2, 2017

Oklahoma earthquakes - large energy release

Nothing has been more boring for me than the OK earthquake situation.  The price of natgas is the lowest ever.  That means no frack waste for most of the summer.  However, the price of oil is zooming and that means a lot of Texas Permian frack waste.  Normally, OK shuts down for the winter freeze-up with natgas.  That's because it's all coming from the mountains in the NE.  The oil waste this year may extend the season.

Right now there has been a huge energy release in one spot, starting with an m5 and lots of m4's.  I only do single digits with magnitudes and I'm usually one up on the official numbers because I take the worst value of peak ground velocity in the direction that the fault is pumping.  When there is a big shallow thrust, that will be the important number.

I haven't seen such activity at one spot before.  Normally, there are only a few aftershocks.  Who knows what this means?

ps.  Another m4 just popped out.  If they could keep this up, then it would be the highest rate ever, but it will probably settle down.  blah.

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