Monday, November 6, 2017

Modern technology destroys the workplace


Not really, but it has destroyed the 'old' workplace.  I started corporate work just before the desktop computer came in in 1980.  We communicated by handwritten multi-part memos.  It took days to get and respond to internal mail.  Plenty of time for thinking.  We built magnificent things.

In came MS email.  It evolved to the point where you had to make an instant response.  No time for thinking or being honest.  Soon, the weasels rose to the top, those who had the talent to make an instant response credible, even though it was pure BS (mini-trumpies).

Now they got this 'total monitoring'.  Overbearing micromanagers will love it.  No need for thinking at all, just appear busy.  No hierarchical company or government will be able to do anything.

On another note, the old world order of massive corruption in the higher ranks is unravelling as all this shady stuff is now done by computer.  A tiny hack or underpaid (and over-monitored) employee and it is all out.  I am sure that there is general peace in the world by having every leader squirrel away lots of money.  :)

ps.  the first thing any bright employee does is hack the internal system to get Internet.  Then they soon leave.

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