Thursday, November 2, 2017

Big spike in October global temperatures

All my warmie buddies are going to laugh at me now.  They like this graph when it goes up, and not when it goes down.  October and September were warm because of some weird El Nino rebound in the Atlantic.  Basically, there is no more Pacific heat, and Siberian air has flooded down on us.  However, in the Fall, it acted as a giant shovel pushing up all the Atlantic heat into the stratosphere.  That dumped all the heat at once, and we had huge hurricanes, which are giant heat volcanoes. 

Lucky for us, the Toronto temperatures reflect this curve exactly because we are in the 'physics middle' of everything.  My prediction juices have gone sour, but from what I'm seeing of our weather, we can expect this curve to drop.

The darn Arctic ice volume chart is late again.  I'm expecting it to go up, but maybe not.

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