Thursday, October 5, 2017

Toronto Housing, Global Temperature, Arctic Ice Volume charts

These are the monthly charts that I wait for and publish.  First, the surprising one.

Our lovely warm September has actually shown up in the global chart.  This was a huge event, then, with all those hurricanes pumping up the heat from the Atlantic belt.  Problem is, that this is like one tenth of the Pacific heat, so next month might fall more.  Monster hurricanes are 'heat volcanoes' where they practically boil the ocean with extremely low pressure in the eye.  The Atlantic always dumps all its heat with hurricanes before every winter.  The Pacific stores for its El Nino cycle.

But the Arctic ice volume knows this is a short-term event.  It has plunged into the main record, the biggest come-back ever. 

Finally, we show the Toronto housing charts.  EVERYBODY BUY, IT'S GOING UP!

This is a happy chart, and I'm not going to be gloomy.  It has nothing to do with the fact that everybody took away listings last month.  Now, everybody will flood with listings. 

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