Monday, September 4, 2017

The progress of Hurricane Irma

I'm not really saying it's going to Houston anymore, but it'll get close.  The winter winds of the Southern Hemisphere are pushing it up, and our miserable winterish fall winds are pushing it down.  Note that there are no Pacific or Atlantic winds warming the North Pole.  Next week I'll expect that the global temperature map is on a ski slope, and the Arctic ice volume map is charging up for a new record.  Don't forget to listen to the English Major Warmies (emw's) that this is all a blip.

Irma is heading for the British Virgin Islands as a Cat 4.  I was there for a great vacation last year and these guys are well-prepared.  All the rich houses on the hills can close up under concrete and I'm sure they are doing that now.  The only thing interesting there is the fishy reef and that is in a ring of islands.

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