Sunday, September 17, 2017

Natgas up, global temps down, Toronto housing gives up on listings

This months graphs are interesting.

First, natgas is up, and they are fracking like mad before freeze-up.  OK just had an m4+.

The global temps are fuzzy but still going down after the monster El Nino.

Finally, Toronto housing prices are still diving, but the listings are going down as people temporarily give up on the low prices.  At some point there will be more forced listings.  Lots of people have walked away in our neighbourhood.  This will soon become a landslide.

We are currently enjoying nice warmth since the two hurricanes have joined to make a giant vortex over Greenland.  Almost all the heat has been sucked out of the Atlantic belt, which is many times smaller than the Pacific.  Cold will come soon.

ps. forgot to add Arctic ice volume.

This guy can't contain his glee.

It seems my prayers from May have been heard:
There's nothing else to do but hope that PIOMAS has it completely wrong, or else pray for lots of cold and cloudy weather in the Arctic this summer.

blah, the Russians won't be happy with their freighter-icebreakers.

pps.  they are now shooting Toronto real-estate agents.

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