Friday, September 1, 2017

Amazon kills me from Vine program

I was a compulsive reviewer for Amazon.  They put me into their Vine program where they would send stuff and I would review it.  I put every ounce of my intellect into the reviews.  Now they have chopped me off.

I always expected it.  Nobody in the Vine program did honest reviews.  They all simpered to stay on the program.  So did I, most of the time.  Then once in a while I would have a field day tearing down some horrible product.  I suppose I offended somebody high up.  I always do.  I got Google to ban me from their ad service because it was so horrible.

The women in the house kept at me - get it, get it!  I didn't want to get those things any more.  How many reviews could I do of shampoo?  I still did my best.

Now they cut me off without explanation.  I will shrug and move on.  Perhaps you will some day get on the program.  Give 5 stars to everything or get thrown out.  I will stop all my Amazon reviews now, but I might still buy from them once in a while.  Nah, I will never buy from them again.  Take that Mr. Bezos!

ps.  Did you know it's incredibly difficult to close your Amazon account?

pps.  Here's another note from another robot.  A robot wasp nest!

ps. since this was a bonus program, they have the right to kick me out anytime they want, in as rude a manner as possible.  Thus is the power of the net giants.

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