Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Torontonian in Newfoundland's Court -- Part 2

In Part 1, we've noted that Newfoundland is penniless, suffering from a lack of a tax base, and rabid Quebec-style tribalism, which will keep them poor forever.  Other than a trumpy giant OK earthquake, their only hope of future income is the giant Churchill Falls 2, otherwise known as Muskrat Falls.  Tribal war with Quebec kept them from making a good deal, and they made a deal with Americans, come-hell-or-high water.  The projected costs are now zooming up like a warmie's wet dream of global temperatures.  :)

Now, this unnamed NL park was given to them when it should have gone to the feds.  Again, tribalism.  We zoomed along this horrible, long Durango-road, that was being fixed up to be a highway thanks to infinite Trudeau-bucks.  We were going to the Cape Race lighthouse fed-park, rolling in 150 money.

Then we came upon this most beautiful trail head.  It had a fed-grade sign, which was the only expensive sign.  The other signs were cheap, confusing signs 'Fossil protection zone', of which there thousands everywhere.  We thought this was an ecological trail, open to the public, which it was, except the end.  There was nothing about this in the fine print, which Torians never read.  We go on and on until there is a big sign to tell us to stop.

I've blocked out the name.  Apparently you can't mention in social media or you get attacked by the rabids.

This is a fed-grade sign that can stop a torian.

None of that in a n park.

--to be continued.

Changed my mind.  The rest is too sad, getting a letter that we 'behaved badly', and they were letting us off with a warning.  No fossils were harmed in the making of this movie.  When we told the Feds what happened they invited us in for coffee and cake, and laughed.

The End

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