Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Torontonian in Newfoundland's Court -- Part 1

This is presented as a public service for Torian tourists to NL.  The only other tourists there were Germans and they're too smart.

On our first day we started to randomly zoom around.  We had a brand new Durango which is the essential vehicle for nl pothole roads.  The only thing better was a camper that had travelled through the jungles of the N-S America's so-called drug highway.

Now, that's a camper!  On a military truck, perhaps bullet-proof.  These were Swiss-Germans who were even smarter.  N potholes were nothing for it.  However, I would have added bigger moose-bars.

So, there is a fossil site, not to be named, that is the subject of rabid nl tribalism.  We heard at the inn that there were tours, but we weren't interested.

First a bit of context, which I learned mostly after.  N is totally penniless.  They need the Oklahoma M8 earthquake, which would be added to trumpian disasters, and bring oil to $200 a barrel.  Oklahoma would not benefit.  All the workers who made a fortune in Fortmac, have built monster homes in the middle of nowhere, and they don't pay a speck of property tax, just like California.  And they don't pay a speck of income tax, since they made their money.  This is important when I discuss signage.

--to be continued

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