Friday, August 11, 2017

Ocean currents and winds

We have established in the boring stories for kids, that the oceans carry heat 4000 times better than air.  Wet air is 10 times greater than dry air.

Here is the latest dry air motion, as determined from wind gauges.

Notice we still have a perfect Arctic vortex.  There's going to be a huge ozone hole, but we'll never hear about it, because that whole ozone thing was the biggest embarrassment ever.  Is a university going widely publish "We made the biggest mistake ever!"  Nope.  Are warmies going to publish a retraction?  No, they are still going strong, cutting off the temperature chart at the end of 2016, including the El Nino peak as 'proof'.

Here's the current currents.

The Gulf Stream is being viciously attacked by Arctic cold water.  I haven't seen this in the many years that this chart has been available.

Finally, the wet winds.

It doesn't really show that much, other than Europe is not getting any rain.  We, in Toronto, are benefiting from Gulf air plumes.

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