Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Ontario Siberian Summer

This is me at the cottage, north of Peterborough.  I take a lot of steroids to look good without a shirt.  Somebody else caught the fish, but I had to pose with it.  We are having a Siberian summer because the Pacific has shut down and the air is coming straight from there.  Once in while we have a trumpian hot air mass coming from the south, but that is getting scarce, what with his siberian troubles.

In o-siberia, we wait for a few minutes when the sun is out, and we're sheltered from the wind.  Then I can take a photo.  For the rest of the time I'm up the hill cutting wood for the winter.  I like to take these pictures so everybody in siberio can think it will get warmer, with all the warmies yammering about that.

ps.  Drizzle flurries off Georgian Bay.  Smells like snow!

pps.  All over, trumpfront coming in.

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