Monday, August 28, 2017

Linux - Installing a distant ip camera

Ok, I haven't installed it, but I'm planning and doing stuff.

First, specify and order the camera.  I want to put a cute dome camera on the far corner of the house, so to be ready for the next Mob murder.

I want it to be 'starlight' or very low light.  These are normally expensive,  but Aliexpress and directly ordering from China comes in here.  Anything neat is not made here.  

You want the cheapest and this is a powered ip camera, over power over ethernet.  poe.  You only need to run ethernet cable to the far corner.  At the nearest plug in the garage, you put in a poe injector.  This has a little power box to zap up the ethernet cable.  The power is carried on the spare leads in the cable, it seems to have a lot.

Now the hard part.  I wanted to put a cable through a penetration that I had foamed up for the mousies.  Blah.  However, I had an extra wifi extender and I tested that.  Yeah!  Now I wait for the camera.

ps. got my cable, and my injector.  Now I have to wait for a month or two to get camera.  Also got these neat little clips to hang the cable.

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