Monday, August 28, 2017

Houston Gets Hammered

Visited Houston once.  That was when we were gathering vibroseis tapes for the Great Lakes.  These were the records that showed the megathrusts that everybody in the States ignores.  Fun times.

Now, the warmists can blame their thing for this hurricane, but it takes two to tango.  The meet-up of intensely cold Siberian air and warm Gulf air causes this.

If we were all just warmie-happy, there wouldn't be hurricanes.  I'd be going to my cottage six months of the year, drinking lots of beer.  But, nope, it's the end of happy warming.

Now, on my US jag.  It's somewhat ironical that all the working poor abandoned New Orleans and went to Houston.  That's why it is a dead city.  Where will they go now?  All the houses slated for demolition are drowned.  The gated towns are probably on the high ground.  Good luck getting a Mexican to mow your lawn now!  No more black guys to shoot.  :(

** We must hope that nazties will build new subsidized housing for the criminals and rapists.

**Really, the US nazties own all the slums and refuse to do basic repairs.  That way the city condemns the place and gets rid of the tenants.  Then the condos go in.  I saw this in Chicago.  Twenty years ago the train went by the worst bombed-out slums you ever saw.  Now it's a huge condo complex.  This will end in civil war.

**there was no evacuation plan for Houston, ever, for anything.  The Mayor said he wouldn't pull the trigger for anything.  Neat.

**actually, the mayor quote was "The highways would get clogged up with poor people."  :)

pps.  I'm sorry, but I can't donate to Texas.

Direct Relief
Dear Harold,

The situation in Texas has been rapidly evolving over the past few days, and Direct Relief has been monitoring and responding to Hurricane Harvey and subsequent flooding around the region. A team has been on the ground in Texas since Friday, connecting with partner healthcare facilities and assessing additional needs.

In June, Direct Relief prepositioned eleven Hurricane Preparedness Packs at clinics in vulnerable areas and along evacuation routes throughout Texas. This program, in place for the 12 years since Hurricane Katrina, ensures that essential medicines and supplies are immediately available should an emergency happen.

In the days since Harvey made landfall as a category 4 hurricane, medicines in three of these emergency reserves have been used by local health providers to care for people affected by the storm and its aftermath.

To further support relief and recovery efforts, Direct Relief has committed an initial $200,000 cash and made available its entire inventory of more than $100 million in medical resources.

The road to recovery in Texas will be long, but Direct Relief is committed to supporting health care facilities throughout the state both for immediate relief and long-term response.

Your support is critical to enable the rapid mobilization of medical resources to people in need. Thank you.

Heather Bennett
Director, Partnerships and Philanthropy

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