Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cold air feeds hurricanes

The English major warmies (emw) can't get the idea that cold air is important.  The big thing now is 'warm air holds more water, therefore we get more rain'.  Pooey.  That moisture would stay in the warm air forever if they're weren't any cold air to wring it out.  When I point out that temperatures are falling like a rock, they come back with a 30 year moving average, which no emw uses for their headlines.  It's all 'Harvey is a made-made disaster' due to warmishing.  Okay, let's put 'paving the entire watershed' up against gorming.  Who wins?

Anyway, the hurricane has moved on, but this shows the tremendous storm activity caused by our cold zooming down from Siberia.  This is a neat picture.

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