Wednesday, August 16, 2017

All cats gone

We are down to one cat that Roxie the super dog has chased over the last 3 years.  These were roaming and feral cats that the lady down the street raises.  All are gone since we were first surrounded by coyotes and very huge wolfy coyotes.  Honestly, 3 years ago, all those cats were a pain.  They bullied the tiny dogs, and killed the birds.  Roxie put an end to dog-bullying.  I let her go when there was nobody around.  :)

Roxie loved her cats.  If they didn't want to run, Roxie would stand off until I got her.  She learned to kiss one cat.

As well as cats, all our raccoons have gone.  We also have a big Peregrine Falcon family and some of them are huge and stalking in the bushes.  No pigeons are left, and much less squirrels.

So you could say, we have a balanced ecology.  :)

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