Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yeah, I got a 'bollocks'

I love commenting in the Guardian.  I pay to subscribe and it's worth every penny.

This is exactly my argument against climate science, no hard physics. Both are more philosophy than scientific method. So, in both cases who is accountable if global temperatures and Toronto housing prices plunge? Nobody, since people choose which philosopher to believe.
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    Absolute bollocks. The idea that climate is just physics is just arrogance ( if you are a physicist) and ignorance ( if you are not).
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    I was going to ask:"Are you mad?" but then I realised that the question is unnecessary. You are mad. Climate science is driven by hard physics. But I assume that it isn't the sort of "hard physics" you agree with and therefore is just "philosophy". Decades of readings from all over the world, from ancient ice cores and from space underpin the "hard physics", but if you think the earth was made by god a few thousand years ago the ice cores and the historic readings must be wrong. Fair enough. Put your faith in fairies and leave the hard physics to scientists.
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    Thank you.
This is great!  The copy-over is a bit screwed.  (whoops, just realized the url is a security thing, please ignore it)

On another note, we have a perfect Arctic vortex again.  The Gulf Stream air is avoiding Europe.  Everybody is cold.

With the Guardian I feel I'm in a Potter pub, where 'hard physics' is defined as temperature readings.

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