Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Fish Attacked by Vlad the Impaler

There it is.  One little blog about poutine, or Vlad, and I get hit with tons of link spam.  They really do control the Internet.  Sorry guys!  If you really want to take over the world, be my guest.  I think having one supreme mob boss is better than having a bunch of idiot ones, like trumpypants.

But poor Vlad.  Being the el-supremo boss means he can never retire to a nice fishing cabin.  These guys only retire one way -- feet first.

ps.  and Big Don is hiring mob lawyers.  The Kennedy's went after the mob and look what happened to them.  All the pols are doing mob stuff like gerrymandering, so this just makes it more obvious.  However, the mob isn't good for the economy.  Too many brains get killed.

And throughout this, the mob voters say that any crime is good as long as the mob stays in power.

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