Friday, July 14, 2017

Oklahoma earthquakes back at full blast

A series of earthquakes that may have given out the seismic energy of an m6.  Who knows what's worse, a big thump or a whole bunch of them?  Lucky for everybody, these earthquakes were very deep and with a 'normal' mechanism.  Still, it puts the seismic energy rate on par with the Spring, and we can expect a 'real' m6 soon.  So far, all the m6's have been deep normal.  There is no physics supporting that this should continue.  It's like flipping heads in a row, although each flip is 50/50, you know this run can't last.

I suspect the gas frack waste is now rolling.  The price of natgas is up, they know we're going to have a bitter winter, and OK is where the action is.  :)

ps.  you can see here that the aftershocks describe a fault 3 km long, which is an m6.

Very neat.

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