Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Great Amazon tap that fits the Brita tap filter

If you live in Toronto, you know about the lead pipes.  It's not a great problem if you let your water run, but they also put a lot of stabilizer in the water to stop lead pickup.  Also, they must have residual chlorine, since your pipes are the happiest places for ecoli.  Although this is great for rinsing strawberries from Mexico, it tastes awful.  I do have a big water bottle for tea and stuff, but we fill all our reusable carbonation bottles from here.  The water tastes great.

This tap was easy to install once I threw away those horrible little plastic wrench 'assistors'  And it's the only one in all of Ammie-land that easily fits the Brita tap filter with no extra trouble.  And it's such high quality and so cheap, it must be illegal.  :)  All metal-to-metal contacts, so none of that Chinese plastic toilet connector garbage.  **

**Canada was flooded by cheap Chinese toilet connector tubing.  The result has been massive flooding damage.  Check your toilet tubing for a CSA stamp, or replace it.  Obviously, I'm not looking for a stamp on this deal.  :)

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