Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cottage Diary - July 7, 2017

Starting to experience the coming Cold Apocalypse.  Friday night we got a snootful of rain.  Heavy lightning and thunder, which sent the dog into the farthest corner under the bed.  Heavy rain for hours, 4 inches.  Haven't had that for years.  The lake level continues to rise over the highest point.  Burleigh Falls is a torrent.

Went blueberry picking in the morning.  All the hill creeks were flowing, the dogs rolled in all the big puddles filled with very soft moss.

Blueberries are light and mostly still white.  Nothing for the professional pickers.  More rain coming, leaving early.  This will not be a good summer.

ps.  I have coined - copocalypse for the Cold Apocalypse.

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