Monday, June 26, 2017

The Arctic is now maintaining a perfect vortex

This hasn't happened for the last few years, ever since the monster El Nino started to build up.  What's important now is the time that it remains stable.  It will then get super cold and we'll have a big ozone hole that has nothing to do with chlorine.  The Gulf Stream air plume is whipping around the pole, containing it, and Pacific has no strength to break it.  In the winter we'll be getting all the ice back.

The next doomsday story will be how seismic airguns will destroy the whole ocean.  This has all the necessary elements - humans destroying the earth, greedy rich people, etc.

It turns out that if you are krill and you are 10 feet from the airgun you get swatted.  The rest just swim away like all the smart fishies.  An airgun is nothing like a lightning blast.

But this will be the next 'big thing'.  :(

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