Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lessons for old people

Right now my neighbour is hanging from a ladder up on the roof.  "In the 47 years I worked, I never had an accident."  I can't stand watching him, drilling with no eye protection.

It has become a thing with us baby boomers to sell our comfy Toronto houses and go up North to the rugged ruggedness.  My relatives just did it to a big house-cottage on extremely rugged land, that's like a cliff down to the lake.  First month of planting flowers and she tore all the ligaments in her foot.

Alright old people!  You are not made of rubber any more.  Get romantic notions out of your head.  Pay young people to take the fall.  They'll just get up.  Do not go into the wilderness, those old people you see there have lived in the woods all their lives.  They are a very small percentage remnant, and have a lot of dead people behind them.

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