Sunday, June 11, 2017

Cottage Report

Stylized Google photo.  Taken with the kodak.  I bought this big Coleman shelter at Costco, and it's real nice.  Goes up quick, and the steel all folds into one thing.  So I can take it down for a thunderstorm or a big gale.  The other ones succumbed to big winds coming out of nowhere.  So it will be fun to beat the world's record taking it down as a big black thunderhead is swooping in.

Friday - nice and calm.

Hot and humid Saturday, big winds came up overnight and on Sunday.  We went swimming in the 60 F water.  After 3 jumps I was lasting 4 seconds.  Dog jumped in for sticks forever.  She's now recovering at home.

Blackflies gone, 2 insect lamps can keep you out until 8 pm, then the horde of mosies is too thick.  Dragonflies everywhere.

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