Thursday, May 4, 2017

Toronto Real Estate Rollercoaster

When the kids were little I was forced to go on a lot of rollercoasters.  blah.  There's always the part where they go up, and the rails go tickety, tickety.  It's being on the top that starts the whip snapping.  So the Toronto Housing market has done its clickety, clickety, and is going over the top.  Note that listings are zooming, and I can see this with signs around the woods.

I was soooooooodepressed but then today, I got some stuff, like real stuff, man.   And I feel sssoo good.  Wow, I hear birdies!

ps.  wow, that was a short buzz!  Just note that the recent rise in listings is the biggest zoom-up between dots on the whole chart.  I would say then, that the listing panic has begun and next month's zoom-up will be big as well.

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