Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cottage Report - late May 2017

Toronto missed the great rain, but cottage country got the full blast of maybe 5 inches.  Everything is full up.

We had sun on Sunday, and put everything out to air.  You can see the lake is a foot above anything I've ever seen.  Boat houses at the marina got smashed because the water was going up and down like a toilet, to stop downstream flooding.

The blackflies are just starting.  They really came out in force on Sunday, when it got too warm to work and wear nets.  This was our summer opening since we'll be busy the long weekend.

The big news was the flooding along the highway.  We got out at Burleigh Falls on the way back and took these videos.

That's the highway bridge.  And the dam is flooded.


ps.  Wednesday is supposed to be sunny and 30.  You don't want to be at the cottage with full blackflies and the water cold as ice.  Pure hell.

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