Saturday, April 8, 2017

Russians Hack Google

It's a slow news day in Canada, so it is easy to slip in something that is totally fake.  And Google has no means to flag fake news.

I just did 2 screen grabs in case the stuff all disappears in a minute.  This reads so fake, that trumpy himself could have written it.  It's from a place that nobody heard of, and a very impressive web page.

We should thank his trumpiness that he's got poutine pulling out all the stops of his command over the Internet.  Put in a couple of billion dollars, and you've got something.

It still seems to be up.

To sum:  Poutine is a nice guy who destroyed all assady's chemical toys.  Nevermind all the other incidents.  They were all misunderstandings.  They informed everybody by registered mail that they were going to bomb a weapons bunker.  Pouty was shocked, shocked to find it was full of chemical weapons and the smoke got in their eyes.

ps.  This all gone now.  Not a trace.  It never happened.

pps.  Make a copy of this now, before it also goes poof.

ppps.  I'm getting paranoid.  My next headline, which will never appear.  will be "Google and Russia Attack the Fish".  Bye everybody.

epilogue - I'm still alive!  This has blown over.  Mr. Gootin has gone on to other things.

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