Saturday, April 8, 2017

Petropoints account hacked

My email was changed to some Russian account.  But they notified my normal email account.  Petropoints are absolutely terrible at fixing this.  I had to phone and got cut off, with no hope of getting back.  This was one of my many accounts with my default password which is somewhat guessable, with a lot of effort, or an even older account was hacked.

In the past months I have changed all my accounts to something random from a local Java random password generator, and used Google Smart Lock.  I recommend this to everyone.  However, there are still accounts floating around that I hardly ever use.  It would suck to lose all my petro-money, probably about $30.

You must assume that lost accounts have been hacked because nobody defends them any more.  Change your passwords!

ps.  they changed my email to ''.  I suppose they have to go through an effort to get my points.  I informed the owner of that service in Malaysia to remove the offending account (they are probably majorly hacked).  I don't expect a good response.  :)

pps.  confirmed that they took out $25 by using The Bay.  Wow, they used a number of companies.

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