Thursday, April 20, 2017

Like White Sheets in the Sun

Once in a while, I'll push a good product (Shades of Gweneth!).  The last was my coffee roaster, which I'm still using all the time, and makes you healthy.  This time it is an air filter, which uses uv-c on titanium dioxide.  t-ox is just white paint, or whitening in sheets.  It's used everywhere.  When sunlight hits it, there is a marvelous reaction.  It might be the reason that fresh air is so anti-bacterial.  This is much better than the old 'negative ion' crap which always gave off enough ozone to kill you.

My old air filter gave up after 10 years, so I just recently bought this.  For now, I'm going with all the official replacements, rather than make my own, because they last a long time and are reasonably priced. You really, really need it come air conditioning time.  Air conditioned air is so dead you can feel it.

Here's the coffee roaster, only 2 left from Amazon at a reasonable price.  I got the 3 year Amazon warranty with it.

Get this, use a light-medium roast with Guatemala beans and you'll live forever.  :)  If only my doctor had done this.  :(

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