Friday, April 7, 2017

Kansas tries the Arkansas trick

This is the first new injection zone in a year or two.  First we had Ohio, and they stopped at m4.  Then we had Arkansas.  Stopped at m4.  Then Texas tried injection freshwater frack waste at a few spots.  Stopped at m4.  Now Kansas is trying it.

Not a word on the news about what they are doing here.  They've gone from m2's to an m4 in record time, perhaps one of the fastest ramp-ups yet.  They should hit an m5 soon, maybe even skip right to an m6.  This is so exciting!

ps.  the expected result will be the same as Azle, Tx.  The earthquakes will get bigger and bigger.  The people will complain more and more, and suddenly the earthquakes stop.  They now enter the Texas Conspiracy.  I hope that this time Kansas will be a bit more honest, and someone will whistle.

pps.  This is an extreme close-up of the new injection site.

Note the weird straight E-W line due to location rounding.  In reality, the line is probably extending from the well on the highway down to the SE, just like Azle Texas.  The line will get longer and the earthquakes will get bigger.  This transverse fault joins the megathrust.

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