Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Garden and Fruit Tree Spraying 2017

My supply of the 'good stuff' has now been cut off.  I was using Amazon but Customs has cracked down, and nothing is available.

It's not a great loss.  My spraying on the apples last year was a complete disaster.  I was spraying often with the good stuff and it was no good.  All the apples were destroyed by worms.  It's because nobody can spray any more, and the pests are thick.  So, I am going back to my own organic mix and spraying often.  I'll see if this has a chance.

FishOrganic (chemical) Spray

In half a small spray tank (4 litres) throw in 2 bloops (tablespoon) of Neem Oil, 2 bloops of Tea Tree Oil, 2 bloops of Home Defense spray, and a dab of dish soap. Shake well.

Neem oil is a fungicide, as well as Tea Oil.  Home Defense is pyrethins and you need the soap to mix it all.

It all smells so wonderful.  Right now we have those red bugs everywhere, and this kills them  Spray once a week, or after a heavy rain.  Should make the bugs have a tummy ache.  :)

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