Thursday, April 13, 2017

Alex Asmis, dead at 21

Humanity's luck is such that whenever we enter the doom and gloom of imminent destruction, an angel is sent to save us.  This has been throughout history, and without those angels, we wouldn't be writing this.  With whatever makes you feel better, you can believe that this is dumb luck by definition, or some power is looking over us.

Angels, by my definition, are not with us long.  They live such a large life, and affect so many people that things happen to take them away from us.  As his only great-uncle, I can add some perspective.  Alex had a fatal flaw in his personality, and it could be said that he could not have been an angel without it.  He had to seek greater and greater thrills.

As he went down the local suicide run, he had to be "The King".  Had he successfully negotiated the boulders this time, he would have done it again, perhaps a little faster.  He was not one to be deterred by a close call.  In the end, the miracle was that all his companions walked away from it.  From what I saw at the funeral, all the thrill-seeking may have been knocked out of all the students at Algonquin College.  If so, he has saved many lives.

In this new age of gloom, such as Trump leading us into World War 3, or baking by global warming, it is good to have faith to stop yourself from sinking into depression.  We are saved from the former by corruption, and the latter by physics.   And also angels.

Alex, you came, you saw, you conquered.  And by doing so, you have saved us all.

Harold Asmis

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Anonymous said...

The fewer Asmis genes on the planet, the worse off the planet is!
More importantly a greater loss for the family.
Peter of the hummin lines