Thursday, February 2, 2017

The early atmosphere of earth

I wrote a series on how the Earth was so successful in getting rid the heat of formation.  It only took a few billion years before we had a shirtsleeve temperature.  We know that because proteins pickle at anything much above our body temperature.  Some bacteria like to be in the hot tub, but so do I.  :)

Just a couple of billion years ago, we had a methane atmosphere, with lots of other carbon compounds.  Greenhouse Gas City!  Yet, the little plant rascals got sunshine, and figured out how to use quantum physics to trap a blue photon.  They then polluted the atmosphere with waste oxygen, and kept it below the level at which they would burn up.  Oxygen is a horrible pollutant to life.  I'm surprised the greenies didn't object.  Oh wait!  Those were the greenies doing the polluting!

So with atmosphere of pure carbon, we didn't burn up with the Greenhouse Effect.  That's because there is no Greenhouse Effect!  We don't live in a greenhouse, we've got convection to save us all.  :).  I wish trumpypants was rational enough to go with this.


buy a vw diesel instead.


-sic, for search engines.  :)

ps. thinking of the physics, the early atmosphere was still 80% N2, since you can't create or destroy that stuff.  That meant 20% methane which was eaten by methane loving bacteria, producing 20% co2 which the greenies then ate, giving O2 farts.

pps.  Somebody tell Pam that they test those cars by running over baby seals.  :)

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