Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump advisors, please define 'science'


The internet is all a twitter about a 'purge' of scientists.  This can happen through funding.  However, these whiners won't define 'science', so Mr. Trump will have to.  He can define 'science' and give his definition of 'politicized science'.

I have given my definitions:

Philosophy Science - the current practice in climate studies of just observing things and coming up with 'just so' stories.

Science - the strict application of the scientific method.

Our modern world started when the Reformation shattered Aristotle.  I've always been surprised that current scientists brought this back, but that happens when everybody is fed from the hand of politics.

ps. my comment in Forbes was 'called out', and I have no desire to see.  These people tend to regard 'science' as a universal truth that needs no definition.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Do not neglect the theological underpinnings of consenus science. If we believe, therefore it is.