Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Largest El Nino on Record


Naturally, this 'confirms' global warming.  Forget that the 1970's were freezing.

My take on this is that we had a huge El Nino, much bigger than 1997.  It was the accumulation of several 'missed' opportunities, and eventually had to come in charging.  We should see a return to the level 'hiatus', or even a dip below that.  Right now, we are still warm because our weather is still coming straight from the West.  That should change soon.

I would wait until Canadian oil and gas hit rock bottom with the huge US import tax of 25% about to hit it. The US is forced to do this, since it is the only way the trumpeests can raise money.   Then I would invest, since we can expect the really big OK earthquakes in a year.  And the freezing cold will really spike the demand.

ps. interesting that we may now be in an age of physics with the trumposity.

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