Friday, January 6, 2017

Linux - IOT still pretty useless

I got a Google Home for Christmas.  It's pretty useless, except for playing music.  You say 'OK Google' and all your phones react.  The only useful thing was interacting with Philips Hue and turning off the bedroom light.  But that turned out useless when the light got confused.  I had to unplug the Philips hub, and turn off the lightbulb twice before it all worked again.

All these things use Linux with modifications.  Things need some reliability, such as watchdog circuits, or mathematical checking.  My old van had a computer that would get confused, but it would always work the next day.  They were using the MS solution of always rebooting, or a watchdog circuit.  My Toyota computer has never gotten confused.  My Android tv box always needs a reset.

My Linux Debian Stable box is totally stable and slow.  My current machine using Testing is stable right now, but, in general, Testing always needs reboots, and a frequent total reinstall.  That's why I keep it on a separate sshd.

ps.  one thing that has gotten reliable is my Ooma IP phone.  ip phones took 10 years to become good.  :)

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