Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Linux - handling 4K video

Right now it's ridiculous.  Those files are 60 gb for some reason.  Reminds me of the first days of HD.  Anyway, you need gigabyte ethernet, and fiber to the home to deal with it.  They don't even have a disc player for this yet.

My relative got a new big house with a neato theatre room.  The only way to do it justice is with a Sony 4K projector at $10,000.  However, it's out in the sticks with only 5 mbs phone download.  What a horrible situation!  The only way he'll even get hd is with a lot of overnight buffering.

I'm testing my new computer by processing a 4K film, converting it to hd.  I'm just doing it for fun, but with all processors firing, it takes something like 20 hours.  I really want to see if this better hd than just something from bluray.  I can't wait until they finally do fiber to the house.  :)

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