Friday, January 6, 2017

Bruce Black Hole studies alternative locations



I was fascinated how this would turn out, since they never studied any alternative locations.  It was always 'jam the round peg into the square hole of Bruce'.  Well, they didn't disappoint.  They just vaguely waved their hands at an unknown 'crystalline' location, and a 'sedimentary' location.  And they said essentially that it would be too expensive to go anywhere else, after all the 'work' (influencing) they did at Bruce.

You all know I want a full nuclear research centre at Wesleyville, and we can put the waste there as well.  The Bruce BH is on the worst rock in the world, right on the hanging wall of the Grenville Front.  They can no more sink a shaft there, then my friends sinking a shaft into quicksand at the river (still standing around).  Say no more, I don't make fun of stupidity any more.

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