Monday, January 30, 2017

Boycott everybody that ever voted for and talked to Trumpler


That's it!  With my tremendous media power, I am calling for a boycott on everything that had anything to do with herrtrumpy.  That includes anything to do with Musk or Britain.  Don't buy Tesla cars, they don't work in our winter anyway.  Boycott solarcity, and don't even look at spacex launches.  Don't use Iridium or anything launched by him.  For Britain, boycott crumpets and tea.

Forget fructose-enhanced corn syrup in coke.  It will kill you anyway.  Boycott oil from the midwest, use an electric car ... Wait!   Don't use an electric car, use a hybrid.  Don't buy any car from Detroit, even if it's made in Canada.

Is that the whole list?

I'm also working with the Earthquake Gods to destroy the entire Midwest.  Might take a year or two....

ps.  In further news, hitterlingtrump just used the hate he generated against muslims for more hatred against muslims.  You can't make this stuff up.  Boycott Everything!

pps.  Thank you loyal readers.  I'm glad you have stopped buying Teslas.  :)

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