Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bell matches Virgin internet

Okay, I'm writing this in code, so only the most loyal readers can understand it.  I have unlimited home internet with Big B, at 25mbs, and it was costing me $131 a month.  I am very happy with the service (after a lot of blood spilled) because I get my own tv stuff, and I have a Ooma phone that now works perfectly.

However, my son taunted me with the latest Virg home internet offer for members (I use a super-cheap tablet service with my N5x).  It was darn-tooting half the price for the exact same service with the exact same modem on the exact same Bell lines.  I was going to the gov't on this!

But I suffered greatly for 30 minutes escalating through the B bureaucracy and they matched the price, so I'm sticking with them, since switching is a bit of a disruption.  So, if you are in Toronto don't pay the big bucks.  :)

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