Thursday, January 19, 2017

Amazon to kill more North American jobs than China ever did


However, this has been the same argument for hundreds of years.  Steam engines killed off hand-looming, etc.  It's ironic that all the jobs Mr. Trumpled wants back will go to robots.  However, people are needed to make the robots.  This is always the way with improved productivity.

The alternative is to wallow in eternal stupidity, ignoring productivity improvements and let other people win all the business.  I'm buying a lot from Amazon, and they have nothing but robots running the business.  The chances of contacting a human are the same as finding somebody at Canadian Tire.

When they have robot warehouses and cheap delivery, they will go after things that people normally want to look at in the store.  They'll just send it, and you dump it in a box to go back until you find something.  Lots of reviews will help you choose.  I see them taking over everything, since most of the local businesses are full of idiot cousins of the old money.  :)

For the past ten years, retail has hired all the young people who couldn't find jobs after a degree.  The rest went to build housing nobody wanted.  All of this is coming to an end.

**the 30 year old condo that my son moved into has lots of empty-looking places.  I'm now writing a novel where the Toronto condo market has been manipulated for years by somebody evil (maybe trumps) keeping up high downtown rents by taking units off the market.  This is what debeers has been doing for years with diamonds, pouring them all down a big pit.  :)  I shall call the book 'Toronto Infernal Inferno".  or maybe I won't...

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