Sunday, October 22, 2017

Tech wealth through immigration


The poor British.  No hope to get their children on tech.  In Canada, it's always the children of immigrants who bring in the big bucks on pure tech or science.  For some reason, well established children just accept the tech around them and become bankers or lawyers.  I wish I could come up with the fundamental force here (physics), but I can't.

It's bit like the wealth rule:  man becomes wealthy from nothing.  His kids grew up poor, and continue the empire.  Their kids just piss it all down the drain.  An entire country like Japan can become locked in this cycle.  A lot of immigration is the only way to break it.

Now, Britain will brexitize and become locked in.  Too bad.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Linux - Cheap starlight surveillance camera working perfectly

I now have the camera working with Zoneminder.  I am extremely happy with it, since it is a very economical setup.  I had to use the powered ethernet right into the house for a proper bandwidth.  It's such a fun thing to watch in the morning, and you can zoom through quite fast.  The raccoon went by a couple of times.  I can't wait to catch the coyotes after the raccoon.  When those big monsters wander by, I'll finally have something.  :)

This is a starlight camera, so you can see that it's very dark out, but you have a good picture.  I got the high resolution model, and it comes down at 25 fps.  When the next Mafia lord gets wasted, I'll have a fuzzy picture of the car.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Getting Ready for Canadabis Day -- Part 1

Next year, on July 1, what are you going to have in your hands?  Well, if you don't start now, it will be a pathetic beer.  This series is about me getting my hydroponic system going again.  This year, I'll just be growing microgreens, like beans and sunflowers.  I'm publishing to the world, and that's all I'm going to say.  On the Big Day, I'll be able to say more.

Official Word:  Every one of my attempts to grow canadabis has ended in failure.

This is my podcast, on video now.  :)

ps.  Actually, I can't imagine continuing the series.  The friends up the road, who were hard-core thc users, like the 50-50 blend, but nobody else I know wants to try anything.  Canada could take over the world next year, but I don't think anybody is that enthusiastic.  :)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Linux - fun with drivers

I have one machine that always has the latest -- 'testing' from Debian, and modern kernels.  It always blows up, but I can't live without being on the edge.  :)  So, this machine decided to stop printing on my very old laser printer that only has a 32 bit driver.  No prob, I'll just reinstall.

Little did I know that it decided to mix up my drive order 'sda, sdb, and sdc'.  So when I was formatting the usb install disk, I formatted my other hard drive.  All my media stuff gone! 

To top that, I had tons of trouble this time reinstalling, and still the printer didn't work.  Poops!  But I learned a lot of stuff I didn't really want to learn.  The guts of these computers are amazing.... blah.

My favourite old company in the news


Good old Hydro, can't estimate themselves out of a paper bag.  Although this article makes the contractors look good, they are as thick as a board.  I truly think they can't do this whole refurb thing.  When I was involved I kept warning them that the physics was wrong. 

You can get away with bad physics if you are pushing a grand political movement like warming, but you can't build a nuclear plant.  At the beginning, we had people who understood this.  Now, everybody is a politician.  Normally, they could actually do it at 10 times the cost, but I think this is hopeless.  Have fun, people!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Oklahoma earthquakes, last chance before freeze-up

There is a perfect correlation between natgas futures and OK earthquakes.  This ends during freeze-up which is from January to May.  The physics that drives this, is the fact that they decide whether to frack another well, based on the 3 month futures.  All that frack water gets injected in OK.

We're starting to see more m4's, which they call m3's.  Had we maintained the Spring rates of earthquakes and natgas fracking, we would have had some m6's by now.  I don't know whether this surge can do it.  Trumpie will probably say something, and the price goes down.  :)

I really wanted a big trumpy earthquake, but the US has had enough disasters for now.  Maybe next year, if he doesn't get booted out by then.  :)

NASA finally confirms that 2016 El Nino was the biggest ever


It did quite a number to the planet.  But the warmies were saying it wasn't so big.

This satellite measures real-time carbon dioxide.  It's interesting, but co2 is only important if you believe that clear air convection doesn't exist.  The downside of the biggest El Nino ever is the same as the downside of the Toronto housing bubble  -- there is a crash.  Get your furnace tuned up.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Linux - Programming the Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote

This remote is really cheap, and does everything you want.  I have 3 devices I need to control, and it does up to 6.  As usual, it only offers Windows programs to fix it up.  However, I found that you can use Virtualbox to do everything.  Just download one of those free MS virtual machines, I used my favourite ie11 and win 8.1. 

VB is a bit miserable to get the usb working.  Add your user to the group vboxusers, and make sure there is an empty line at the end of /etc/group.  You then have access to the remote when you plug it in the usb. 

It was great for the established brands, but my no-name super cheap Android tv box had problems.  Just pick OTT tv box, mxq pro, and 'learn' the commands from your dedicated remote.  The whole thing was an afternoon, but now everything works. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Toronto Housing, Global Temperature, Arctic Ice Volume charts

These are the monthly charts that I wait for and publish.  First, the surprising one.

Our lovely warm September has actually shown up in the global chart.  This was a huge event, then, with all those hurricanes pumping up the heat from the Atlantic belt.  Problem is, that this is like one tenth of the Pacific heat, so next month might fall more.  Monster hurricanes are 'heat volcanoes' where they practically boil the ocean with extremely low pressure in the eye.  The Atlantic always dumps all its heat with hurricanes before every winter.  The Pacific stores for its El Nino cycle.

But the Arctic ice volume knows this is a short-term event.  It has plunged into the main record, the biggest come-back ever. 

Finally, we show the Toronto housing charts.  EVERYBODY BUY, IT'S GOING UP!

This is a happy chart, and I'm not going to be gloomy.  It has nothing to do with the fact that everybody took away listings last month.  Now, everybody will flood with listings. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Cottage Report

I have a crazy Turkish guy who checks my site every 5 minutes to see if I wrote anything.  Maybe it's link spam, who knows?  I am enjoying the last two days of staining before the freeze-up.  We'll close on the long weekend.  This is going to be a real winter.  All my warmie friends will be shocked.  I finally found some real physics that shows convection transfers heat energy at 5 times the rate of radiation.  Those pathetic warmies.

OK earthquakes are going at about a 5 per week.  This will give the trumpies another disaster.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Cleared out G+

I write a lot, and I've cleared out all my g+ stuff.  My followers are now back to zero.  The blog will always exist, for people to go back to check my predictions.  Right now, I can't see any reason to write.  In about a year check the following:

Toronto housing will have gone down more than 30%.  The condo cartel will be broken and rents will be down 30%.  The general Toronto economy will have taken a hit, so people won't be happy that they can buy houses again.

Global temperatures will have fallen through any band the warmies projected.  Bad physics always strikes back.

The cold will raise natgas prices, bringing back Oklahoma earthquakes.

The polar vortex (both poles) will bring back the crazy ozoners.

Ditching global warming, the nuts will go after plastics in the ocean.

Not any great happiness in these hypotheses.  I'm tired of being the gloomy gus.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Physics of Global Warming


I am so happy that my warmie friends at the Guardian have shown me the physical basis for the whole warming projection.  Remember that the charts don't need physics, but the projection does.

I can't cut and paste from this drm article, and the Gurd doesn't allow graphics, so I am putting this up.

First, they model the atmosphere as a series of layers.

Nobody at the gard can see a problem with this, nor anybody at nasa.  Then they go into wonderful statements like

Nobody can see anything wrong with this.  "Carbon dioxide is just planetary insulation".  I take it that this article was never disputed.  Now I am content, because I can never explain basic physics to the people who believe this.  I can no longer say that global warming has no physics.

**where there is convection it is orders of magnitude more effective with heat transport.  (disputed).

ps.  I withdrew my 'Snowball Earth" hypothesis  from the gard.  I said it was made for an alternate universe where convection is a nuclear bomb next to the firecracker of radiation.  :)

pps. with this I have the intention to stop the blog again.  My hopeless addiction to venting may send me home from rehab again.  :(

Linux - full recipe for doing your own surveillance cameras

Linux is left out of a lot of this camera stuff.  But really, if you are concerned about security, then you better run Linux.  I can imagine people running security cameras with unpatched windows.  :)

It all starts here with your choice of camera.

You want a 'starlight' ip camera, using power over ethernet (poe).  That's the easiest to install in any house.  You do not want a wifi camera with Chinese software.  And, anyway, you always have to take care of the power.  You need a hundred feet of cat5e cable (the cheapest) and a simple poe injector.  That takes extra power from the outlet and injects it into the cable.  You can run a hundred feet with it.

Once you get the camera, it is filled with glorious software obtained from somewhere, and you can never update it.  Who cares?  These things are disposable in a few years.  The software is a nightmare to deal with on Linux, but I found the easy way.

Just install Virtualbox on your machine.  It comes from scummyoracle but it works.  Then get an 'appliance' from msoft that does win8.1 and ie11.  You can purge that later... yuck!  The horrible thing doesn't connect to the network, and it took me hours to find the simple fix.

'Nat' is their code-name for network, it doesn't really matter about the adaptor, but make sure all the boxes are checked.

The camera uses dhcp to connect to your router, and you have to find it.  Then turn off every speck of security on ie11 and connect.  You'll have to download a plugin, and just say yeah, yeah.

Then just change to a static ip, and forget everything else.

Then fire up a onvif device tool and you'll see the camera.  It gives a 'Live Video' url, and you're golden.  My tool always seg faulted when trying to access network options, so I can't skip the ie part right now.  Maybe you'll have better luck.

Then just use any Linux tool you want.  Check it with vlc.  I'm using Zoneminder right now.  That's another few hours, but I leave that to you.  :)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Linux - success with Chinese vidcam

Yahoo!  I downloaded the Microsoft virtual machine, using win 8.1 and ie11 and was able to get full access.  I now have to set it to full streaming for Linux.  These machines are only good for 90 days, so I hope I don't need it any more.

ps.  you have to slide the security bars down to nothing.  Don't use it for webbing.

pps.  total success with onvif-device-tool

It gave me the full url for streaming which cannot be found anywhere else.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Cottage Report

Late September and we have a heat wave.  Super hot at the cottage, and I've been floating on the water.  This hasn't happened all summer.  At least the water is cold, so you can jump in when you are dying from the heat.

Finished a lot of staining, and the weather breaks Tuesday, so I won't come back alone with the dog.  Maybe next week.  This is air straight from the Atlantic equatorial belt and it's wonderful.  The cold will hit us with a vengeance soon.

Sun - super hot.  I'm in the water longer this weekend than all of the summer, and maybe last summer.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Linux - Dealing with a cheap Chinese vidcam

My latest project is putting a vidcam on the house, but it has to be a low-lux starlight cam.  And it has to be all Linux.  The only way I could afford it was to buy an ipcam direct from China.  It's a great cam, but the software is all win.  In fact, it's more tailored to whatever is the predominant stolen versions in China, since nobody would be insane enough to actually buy the real thing.

Thus, the only interface is port 80, or a web interface that is so bizarre as to be tailored to one specific version of win, and one version of ie.  And they don't tell you what it is.  Really, you should know, sort of like NL signs.

This has gotten me into all sorts of emulations for Linux.  At the end, I have found that MS provides an infinite number of variations for ie and win on Virtualbox.  That's amazing!  They have to do it because ms is non-existent on the big servers, and they want to make sure that any weird combination works on banking sites.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

I am now working my way through all of them, until I find the right one.  Blah.

Stand-up now has more social influence than Fussbook

It's amazing how late-night comedy has become a serious political force.  I propose a good routine for these guys, they can steal it from me.

"The problem with accusing people of lying is that there no scale.  Social white lies are equated with huge horrible frauds.  I propose an earthquake magnitude scale for lies.

Magnitude 1 - In the car, "The dog did it."

Magnitude 2 - I don't know how that email got erased.

M3 - lies of innocence - "I never had sex with that woman."

and so on.

M8 - Russians:  "We never had anything to do with the election."

M9 - "I never had anything to do with the Russians."

More wonderful air gyres

The warmies are getting extreme, calling for everybody to be shot.  All that lead flying around will be a pollutant.  :)

Global air temperatures are dropping like the Toronto housing market.  I mentioned this in a comment and they all go on about how a 30 year average is better than a 1 year moving average.  I mentioned that in order to say this, you are making assumptions about the physics, ie, there is a 'memory' or momentum going beyond 1 year.  But no, these people just look at charts.

Right now most people are enjoying a warm September.  There are huge air gyres (slower than a vortex) that are sucking up the last warmth from the Atlantic belt.  The Arctic vortex, however, is strong, and will show a good build-up of ice volume.

ps.  having lots of fun on the Guardian.  I am casting a hypothesis, like I did for the Toronto housing market.  By this time next year, global temperatures will have fallen out of all warmie noise bands, and ice volume will have zoomed.

And yet, the warmies will not cry 'uncle', just like the ozoners never did.  That's because there are no noise (error) bands, and they'll just say that the oceans sucked up all the heat like a vacuum cleaner.  :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ozone hole thing will come back to annoy us


Now that the Atlantic belt is giving up its last bit of heat energy, the Arctic is going to get really cold with a heck of a vortex.  This gives us big ozone holes.  Ozoners are a fun lot, they mention huge convection that brings minor chemicals up into the stratosphere, but it doesn't bring any heat energy.

So you can have wild convection, and eat your greenhouse gases, too.  This gives me a physics headache.  :)  Say no more.

**physics experiments show no such chlorine-dumping reactions at vortex temps.

***convection is caused by heat energy, amazingly enough.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Linux -- Epson all-in-one WF-4740

Somehow I got hold a big epson thing for free, and for review.  You can print on it, but you can't network scan it.  Or least I can't after a lot of trying.

Also, this thing showed a 'scanner error' that was only fixed by bashing it around a little.  I would never get a scanner and printer together.  Get a separate scanner, and a laser printer.

ps. I did get one response that called me a moron.  I appreciate all responses.  :)

Atmosphere is a giant field of vortices

I'm quite impressed.  I've never seen anything like this, but we haven't really been able to see this sort of picture in the past.  This is pure physics.

This comes from the collapse of El Nino and the influx of cold air.  I wonder how long it will go on.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Natgas up, global temps down, Toronto housing gives up on listings

This months graphs are interesting.

First, natgas is up, and they are fracking like mad before freeze-up.  OK just had an m4+.

The global temps are fuzzy but still going down after the monster El Nino.

Finally, Toronto housing prices are still diving, but the listings are going down as people temporarily give up on the low prices.  At some point there will be more forced listings.  Lots of people have walked away in our neighbourhood.  This will soon become a landslide.

We are currently enjoying nice warmth since the two hurricanes have joined to make a giant vortex over Greenland.  Almost all the heat has been sucked out of the Atlantic belt, which is many times smaller than the Pacific.  Cold will come soon.

ps. forgot to add Arctic ice volume.

This guy can't contain his glee.

It seems my prayers from May have been heard:
There's nothing else to do but hope that PIOMAS has it completely wrong, or else pray for lots of cold and cloudy weather in the Arctic this summer.

blah, the Russians won't be happy with their freighter-icebreakers.

pps.  they are now shooting Toronto real-estate agents.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Don't bother with a certain company's rebates

Can't mention the name because it will be searched.  I tried to use the web service.  First it was denied because they hadn't put the current offer on.  Now it's denied with a meaningless explanation, so it's useless to do it again.  I find that these big companies really don't know how to do the web.  That's why ammie will rule the world.  They suck in all the good programmers and pay them a lot.

A Tale of Touton

Now, I don't want to give the impression that my 10 day driving trip in Newfoundland was sheer hell.  After all, I was in the company of three women who nagged me incessantly.  "I wasn't nagging, I was asking.".  There were very nice parts of the trip.

My best part was right at the beginning, near Bay Roberts.  We walked the Shoreline Trail and it was beautiful.

This started as the famous root cellar tour, and then went to magnificent cliffs.

Finally, after stuffing ourselves with wild blueberries, we ended up at the Mad Rock Cafe, and had baked beans, fish cakes and toutons.

A Torontonian in Newfoundland's Court -- Part 2

In Part 1, we've noted that Newfoundland is penniless, suffering from a lack of a tax base, and rabid Quebec-style tribalism, which will keep them poor forever.  Other than a trumpy giant OK earthquake, their only hope of future income is the giant Churchill Falls 2, otherwise known as Muskrat Falls.  Tribal war with Quebec kept them from making a good deal, and they made a deal with Americans, come-hell-or-high water.  The projected costs are now zooming up like a warmie's wet dream of global temperatures.  :)

Now, this unnamed NL park was given to them when it should have gone to the feds.  Again, tribalism.  We zoomed along this horrible, long Durango-road, that was being fixed up to be a highway thanks to infinite Trudeau-bucks.  We were going to the Cape Race lighthouse fed-park, rolling in 150 money.

Then we came upon this most beautiful trail head.  It had a fed-grade sign, which was the only expensive sign.  The other signs were cheap, confusing signs 'Fossil protection zone', of which there thousands everywhere.  We thought this was an ecological trail, open to the public, which it was, except the end.  There was nothing about this in the fine print, which Torians never read.  We go on and on until there is a big sign to tell us to stop.

I've blocked out the name.  Apparently you can't mention in social media or you get attacked by the rabids.

This is a fed-grade sign that can stop a torian.

None of that in a n park.

--to be continued.

Changed my mind.  The rest is too sad, getting a letter that we 'behaved badly', and they were letting us off with a warning.  No fossils were harmed in the making of this movie.  When we told the Feds what happened they invited us in for coffee and cake, and laughed.

The End

Toronto Wolfie-Coyotes Interbreed with Nasty Dogs

While I was away, our wild dog problem has intensified in the neighbourhood.  It used to be that we had cute small coyotes.  Our big dogs would chase them to keep them in line.  They cleaned out the rats and were welcome.  If you complained, you were shunted to an extreme leftie who defended them.

Not any more.  They are huge and have no fear of humans.  My 50 pound cattle dog went after them by the creek.  She yelped and tore out there when she ran into two 100 pound monsters.  They just managed to swipe her bum (vet bills!), and then came out of the bush after my daughter.  She ran like hell, and was contemplating releasing the dog and screaming, since this was right beside houses.

Dogs are no longer enough.  These guys have been spotted strolling down the roads like they own the place.  I don't mind that they've eaten all the cats and small yappy dogs, but I love big dogs.  :)

The city will defend this to their last breath, because it's cheaper.  But these wild monster dogs are getting bolder and bolder.  It's like having garbage-dump bears wandering around.  They'll snatch large dogs on the leash.  The city will wait until a human is attacked, like the whole pit-bull thing.  Then they'll have to shoot a few to keep them in line.

A Torontonian in Newfoundland's Court -- Part 1

This is presented as a public service for Torian tourists to NL.  The only other tourists there were Germans and they're too smart.

On our first day we started to randomly zoom around.  We had a brand new Durango which is the essential vehicle for nl pothole roads.  The only thing better was a camper that had travelled through the jungles of the N-S America's so-called drug highway.

Now, that's a camper!  On a military truck, perhaps bullet-proof.  These were Swiss-Germans who were even smarter.  N potholes were nothing for it.  However, I would have added bigger moose-bars.

So, there is a fossil site, not to be named, that is the subject of rabid nl tribalism.  We heard at the inn that there were tours, but we weren't interested.

First a bit of context, which I learned mostly after.  N is totally penniless.  They need the Oklahoma M8 earthquake, which would be added to trumpian disasters, and bring oil to $200 a barrel.  Oklahoma would not benefit.  All the workers who made a fortune in Fortmac, have built monster homes in the middle of nowhere, and they don't pay a speck of property tax, just like California.  And they don't pay a speck of income tax, since they made their money.  This is important when I discuss signage.

--to be continued

Friday, September 15, 2017

Back from Newfoundland

Back after 10 days of a self-driving tour.  I've got a zillion ridiculous stories to share at some time.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Is Amazon Un-Canadian?

I'm just putting that in the title.  Maybe it will get to the big guy himself.  I'm still pissed off at them for firing me from a cushy program in a very rude manner.  That's the first thing.


-kicking me off Vine
-only having robots answering things

-all the Canadian robots have health care coverage
-hiring non-whites for their own delivery
-hiring Canadians as programmers in Seattle

Their Competition

Costco - world's worst on-line site

Walmart - world's worst on-line site

Home Depot - world's worst on-line site

All their competition is not Canadian :)  But honestly, who wants to go to Canadian stores?

The progress of Hurricane Irma

I'm not really saying it's going to Houston anymore, but it'll get close.  The winter winds of the Southern Hemisphere are pushing it up, and our miserable winterish fall winds are pushing it down.  Note that there are no Pacific or Atlantic winds warming the North Pole.  Next week I'll expect that the global temperature map is on a ski slope, and the Arctic ice volume map is charging up for a new record.  Don't forget to listen to the English Major Warmies (emw's) that this is all a blip.

Irma is heading for the British Virgin Islands as a Cat 4.  I was there for a great vacation last year and these guys are well-prepared.  All the rich houses on the hills can close up under concrete and I'm sure they are doing that now.  The only thing interesting there is the fishy reef and that is in a ring of islands.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cottage Report

We went up early on Saturday, for the Labour Day weekend.  Sat. was beautiful and we got a lot of painting in.  Sunday was horrible and it drove us out early.  Everything is so lush and we harvested a whole bunch of potatoes, which we have determined is the only thing that grows there.  We had potatoes for every meal!  And stopped at the fry wagon on the way home.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Amazon is Evil

Just a personal belief.  No offence anyone.  I suppose I have to go back to stores now.

OK, I'm climbing off my  mad horse now, because they are cheap.  However, it will take a while since I munged up  my password.  Also, no more reviews, and I won't scan for impulse buying.  I really was an amazonoholic.

Amazon kills me from Vine program

I was a compulsive reviewer for Amazon.  They put me into their Vine program where they would send stuff and I would review it.  I put every ounce of my intellect into the reviews.  Now they have chopped me off.

I always expected it.  Nobody in the Vine program did honest reviews.  They all simpered to stay on the program.  So did I, most of the time.  Then once in a while I would have a field day tearing down some horrible product.  I suppose I offended somebody high up.  I always do.  I got Google to ban me from their ad service because it was so horrible.

The women in the house kept at me - get it, get it!  I didn't want to get those things any more.  How many reviews could I do of shampoo?  I still did my best.

Now they cut me off without explanation.  I will shrug and move on.  Perhaps you will some day get on the program.  Give 5 stars to everything or get thrown out.  I will stop all my Amazon reviews now, but I might still buy from them once in a while.  Nah, I will never buy from them again.  Take that Mr. Bezos!

ps.  Did you know it's incredibly difficult to close your Amazon account?

pps.  Here's another note from another robot.  A robot wasp nest!

ps. since this was a bonus program, they have the right to kick me out anytime they want, in as rude a manner as possible.  Thus is the power of the net giants.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Little Irma comes to visit Houston

That tiny swirl in the middle of the Atlantic is Irma, coming straight for Houston.  The big swirls set the stage for hurricanes and they are slow to change.  So lots of hurricanes follow the previous.  Whether they get big depends on how much heat energy the previous one sucked out of the ocean.  Harvey only became a 4 just before landing, so Irma may make it all the way to Houston.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cold air feeds hurricanes

The English major warmies (emw) can't get the idea that cold air is important.  The big thing now is 'warm air holds more water, therefore we get more rain'.  Pooey.  That moisture would stay in the warm air forever if they're weren't any cold air to wring it out.  When I point out that temperatures are falling like a rock, they come back with a 30 year moving average, which no emw uses for their headlines.  It's all 'Harvey is a made-made disaster' due to warmishing.  Okay, let's put 'paving the entire watershed' up against gorming.  Who wins?

Anyway, the hurricane has moved on, but this shows the tremendous storm activity caused by our cold zooming down from Siberia.  This is a neat picture.

The mythical 100 year flood, 100 year wind, 100 year earthquake, whatever

Everybody who designs things, has to think about extreme events.  My main experience is earthquakes, but the same physics applies to flood, wind, fire, etc.

So, in the 30's when most cities were designed, it was a big thing to go with the 100 year event.  That's what you designed for.  Skyscrapers, drainage channels, etc.  In 1954 Toronto was hit with a 12 inch slug of rain and subsequent drainage was designed for that.  However, Toronto has been been hit by several slugs of about 4 to 6 inches, and the sewer system has been unable to take it.  But these were not major flooding events.

The problem with an initial design is that events overtake it.  Houston was theoretically designed for a 12 inch slug, but then they paved the entire watershed.  They get their 100 year flood almost every year now.  Hurricane Harvey with a 50 inch slug of rain was way over the top.

Because of rampant development, nearly all North American cities are getting frequent flooding.  The initial design is irrelevant because they did not stick to a plan.

ps.  I believe that a city should be able shrug off the 100 year event, and recover quickly from a one in 500 year event.  That goes for all causes, including earthquakes.  Yet, time and time again cities are destroyed by the 500 year event.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Fun with the Guardian about Hurricane Harvey

I subscribed to the British Guardian as the most left warmie-supporting paper in the world.  They have great investigative articles on trumpy as the master coin-wash man of all time.  Good thing he can pardon everybody.

This was an extreme lefty opinion that Hurricane Harvey would have been a puddle-washer had it not been for global warming aka climate change.  I had to wade in and had a fun time.  I have to publish this fun in graphics because you can't cut and paste.

Oh wow!

ps. these guys have grasped physics by saying that warmer air holds more water, therefore we are going to get heavier rains.  I will not honour that with a statement.  :)

Hurricane Harvey maintains perfect equilibrium

I am very impressed by the perfection of the swirl.  Very cold Siberian air and warm equatorial air, in a totally stationary whirlpool.  Houston will get another big slug of rain.  If they are lucky, it moves on.

ps.  all the warmies are blaming this on gorming.  I'm blaming it on the end of warming.  :)

Harvey is still not leaving.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Linux - Installing a distant ip camera

Ok, I haven't installed it, but I'm planning and doing stuff.

First, specify and order the camera.  I want to put a cute dome camera on the far corner of the house, so to be ready for the next Mob murder.

I want it to be 'starlight' or very low light.  These are normally expensive,  but Aliexpress and directly ordering from China comes in here.  Anything neat is not made here.  

You want the cheapest and this is a powered ip camera, over power over ethernet.  poe.  You only need to run ethernet cable to the far corner.  At the nearest plug in the garage, you put in a poe injector.  This has a little power box to zap up the ethernet cable.  The power is carried on the spare leads in the cable, it seems to have a lot.

Now the hard part.  I wanted to put a cable through a penetration that I had foamed up for the mousies.  Blah.  However, I had an extra wifi extender and I tested that.  Yeah!  Now I wait for the camera.

ps. got my cable, and my injector.  Now I have to wait for a month or two to get camera.  Also got these neat little clips to hang the cable.

Houston Gets Hammered

Visited Houston once.  That was when we were gathering vibroseis tapes for the Great Lakes.  These were the records that showed the megathrusts that everybody in the States ignores.  Fun times.

Now, the warmists can blame their thing for this hurricane, but it takes two to tango.  The meet-up of intensely cold Siberian air and warm Gulf air causes this.

If we were all just warmie-happy, there wouldn't be hurricanes.  I'd be going to my cottage six months of the year, drinking lots of beer.  But, nope, it's the end of happy warming.

Now, on my US jag.  It's somewhat ironical that all the working poor abandoned New Orleans and went to Houston.  That's why it is a dead city.  Where will they go now?  All the houses slated for demolition are drowned.  The gated towns are probably on the high ground.  Good luck getting a Mexican to mow your lawn now!  No more black guys to shoot.  :(

** We must hope that nazties will build new subsidized housing for the criminals and rapists.

**Really, the US nazties own all the slums and refuse to do basic repairs.  That way the city condemns the place and gets rid of the tenants.  Then the condos go in.  I saw this in Chicago.  Twenty years ago the train went by the worst bombed-out slums you ever saw.  Now it's a huge condo complex.  This will end in civil war.

**there was no evacuation plan for Houston, ever, for anything.  The Mayor said he wouldn't pull the trigger for anything.  Neat.

**actually, the mayor quote was "The highways would get clogged up with poor people."  :)

pps.  I'm sorry, but I can't donate to Texas.

Direct Relief
Dear Harold,

The situation in Texas has been rapidly evolving over the past few days, and Direct Relief has been monitoring and responding to Hurricane Harvey and subsequent flooding around the region. A team has been on the ground in Texas since Friday, connecting with partner healthcare facilities and assessing additional needs.

In June, Direct Relief prepositioned eleven Hurricane Preparedness Packs at clinics in vulnerable areas and along evacuation routes throughout Texas. This program, in place for the 12 years since Hurricane Katrina, ensures that essential medicines and supplies are immediately available should an emergency happen.

In the days since Harvey made landfall as a category 4 hurricane, medicines in three of these emergency reserves have been used by local health providers to care for people affected by the storm and its aftermath.

To further support relief and recovery efforts, Direct Relief has committed an initial $200,000 cash and made available its entire inventory of more than $100 million in medical resources.

The road to recovery in Texas will be long, but Direct Relief is committed to supporting health care facilities throughout the state both for immediate relief and long-term response.

Your support is critical to enable the rapid mobilization of medical resources to people in need. Thank you.

Heather Bennett
Director, Partnerships and Philanthropy

Walmart new anti-hate tv ad

Just saw this on US tv.

This is hilarious, since Walmart set up all the hate by destroying small towns, isolating people in their cars, and direct imports from China.  However, they have the money.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Big Exxon scandal just as global warming comes to an end


Honestly, why didn't xon go the high route with atmospheric physics?  They had the money, but no brains.  They went with linear extrapolators.  And then tried to cover up the 'momentum' gabbers.

Next month's charts will be the same as Toronto housing prices -- straight down.  The only thing the chartists can do is chop the charts at 2016.  Next year they'll run and hide.  But we can give xon grief for being so stupid.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Under the cover of hurricane, Texas invades Mexico

An M4 right at the border.  Lines up NE with other earthquakes in Texas.  Obviously they have figured out how to dump earthquakes over the border.  Now they can just inject along that line all they want.  :)

Cottage Report - End of Summer

Clear, high 22, low 6.  Beautiful fall weather for staining.  We actually have a few days without rain.  As I have said, the end of phoney global warming.  Will take another year before they all hide.  A trillion dollars wasted because of no physics.

Houston is taking all our rain.  That should take all the heat out of the Gulf.  Probably means we'll freeze earlier, and I hope the cottage pump doesn't freeze before Thanksgiving.

Sunday continues to be nice painting weather.  I took a 2 second dip in the lake.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Toronto housing bubble declared dead by banks


I just like these charts.  I'll have to wait until September for my usual chart.

Milton was the worst, with everybody owning 2 homes.

ps.  the very survival of the banks depends on this thing stopping at 20%, so right now they aren't alarmed.  We have several abandoned houses for sale around.  They had nice families in them one day ... and gone.  Right now I think you can sell with a 10% haircut, otherwise the newspapers would be screaming.

pps.  These guys are already saying the discount is now 20%.

Monday, August 21, 2017

China shoots itself in the foot


This news article explains that the editors of a journal for Chinese scientific consumption were told to take out a lot of articles and they meekly did.  Then there was a ruckus, and weasels suddenly puffed up their chests in the name of freedom.  I now propose that all scientific articles append to the their titles "as pertains to political power in China".

"Latest results in quantum mechanics, as pertains to political power in China".  It is also necessary to add at least one quip:  "Tolerances must be as tight as the central control in China".

Those who wish to keep Russia also ignorant of all scientific progress, should randomly add "Putin is gay", in their articles.  :)

With this effort we don't have to worry about those two countries anymore.

ps.  Ha, news of the big reverse is also being censored.

From the people who gave you 'Greenhouse Gas' and the 'Ozone Hole'


Somewhere in the bowels of NADA there is a building with a sign "No basic physics allowed".  If the Universe obeyed signs, then that building wouldn't stand, but it does, and it is full of people who ignore the basic laws of physics.  They gave us the concept of a 'greenhouse gas', without knowing that a true greenhouse gas would be greenhouse glass, and we'd all be dead.  As long as you allow the tiniest bit of convection there's no greenhouse.

And the ozone hole.  They should have known that in the centre of a really good polar vortex, it is so cold that no reaction takes place.  Now, no newspaper in the world wants to look back at that (God knows I tried).

All these little things just took a trillion dollars out of the economy.  Who cares?  But now they want to destroy the world.

Yes, the Yellowstone super-volcano, along with about 20 others.  They want to pop this zit before it bursts again.  Their singular desire to venture into areas of which they know nothing, has come up with a plan.  Why don't these volcanoes blow up tomorrow?  Because they have a super-hard solid titanium top cap.  Must be true because it sounds so good.

They want to cool it down, but not by drilling into the titanium top cap, because that might weaken it and sends things off.  No, they want to attack the flanks, which any true storyteller knows has nothing to do with the volcano.

Now, if they had a tiny bit of rock mechanics, which is the physics of rock, they might be alarmed at this ridiculous approach.  For it is the strong flanks that keep a volcano down, the top is shot to rat poop.  A volcano only comes to life when the flanks collapse, thus squeezing the magma like a lemon.

Alas, as the cold Siberian air comes down to finish global warming, nobody will look back at all the things that came from the Building of No Physics.  This project will go ahead and most likely nothing will happen, I hope.

ps. they want to do something called 'Hot Dry Rock Extraction'.  This has never worked and never will.

pps.  Actually, in order to do anything, they have to stare Physics in the face.  Ha!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summary of Current Fish Issues

I really can't find too much to write about these days.  However, we are going for a week touring around Newfoundland, and that's exciting to plan for.

Oklahoma Earthquakes:  Trumpy has driven the economy into a hole and natural gas is bouncing along the bottom of the price chart.  No big earthquake this year.

Global Warming:  Watching the temperatures fall is like watching grass grow.  In fact, my grass has grown at a ridiculous rate with all this rain.  If I make fun of warmies on the leftie newspapers, they just cut off the temperature charts at 2016.

Toronto Housing Crash:  Same as global warming.

I have to fight this depression.  :)

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Cottage Report

Went up Tuesday for two nights, which is all I can stand alone.  The dog keeps me company.  Anyway I need 2 days in a row without rain to put on that Deckover stuff.  And this summer, that's a rare event.  So, rain overnight Tuesday, but Wed was perfect, hot and not a puff of wind.  Not superhot either, but hot enough when working on the deck.  I could put up the dock sun cover for about the fourth time this year.

Naturally, with weather this good, not a nibble when fishing.  But I came home on Thursday, racing a huge rain front.  Oh well.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Toronto Housing Chart

Yeah, he is back from va-kay, and did the chart.  I'd do these things, too, but it's too much like work.

The market people say this is a blip.  Condos are still strong, etc.  Believe that prices are only going to drop 10%.  Happy thoughts.

ps. the abandoned house on the corner sold.  This was a 'must sell', and they probably took a 10% discount.  No 'sold over asking' here!

All cats gone

We are down to one cat that Roxie the super dog has chased over the last 3 years.  These were roaming and feral cats that the lady down the street raises.  All are gone since we were first surrounded by coyotes and very huge wolfy coyotes.  Honestly, 3 years ago, all those cats were a pain.  They bullied the tiny dogs, and killed the birds.  Roxie put an end to dog-bullying.  I let her go when there was nobody around.  :)

Roxie loved her cats.  If they didn't want to run, Roxie would stand off until I got her.  She learned to kiss one cat.

As well as cats, all our raccoons have gone.  We also have a big Peregrine Falcon family and some of them are huge and stalking in the bushes.  No pigeons are left, and much less squirrels.

So you could say, we have a balanced ecology.  :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Linux - Epson ES-400

Oh man, this is the best scanner ever, if you really need a scanner.  I'm uploading all my really boring papers to Google Driver.  The scanner makes them pdf, and then you upload.  It works perfectly with Linux, if you kill yourself putting in all the stupid libraries.  Nevertheless, this is what Linux users put up with all the time.  The windows guys get it easy, along with easy wannycries.

It's super fast, and does both sides at once.  I'm keeping it.

Cottage Report

Yeah, it's nice weather for a few days.  I'm trying to put on some stain and I can't have it pouring rain right after.  The nice weather means I'm not catching any fish.  Right now I'm enjoying the effects of Cana-doil, 50% CBD and the dog is finally sleeping.

*I have a tm on Cana-Doil at 50/50 and 5 ml is a strong dose.  This is perfect for old people who don't want to do anything, and live forever not doing it.  :)  The outdoor plants are now starting to bud due to the shortening days.  Next year I can talk about it openly without all this confusion.  :)

**young people should really not touch any of this stuff, since we want them to pay for our Depends.

Day Two - Absolutely a wonderful summer day.  I think that's the second one.  I have my dock tent out and drinking fine great lakes beer.  Maybe the tent has been out 5 times?  I'm getting a lot of stain on.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Ocean currents and winds

We have established in the boring stories for kids, that the oceans carry heat 4000 times better than air.  Wet air is 10 times greater than dry air.

Here is the latest dry air motion, as determined from wind gauges.

Notice we still have a perfect Arctic vortex.  There's going to be a huge ozone hole, but we'll never hear about it, because that whole ozone thing was the biggest embarrassment ever.  Is a university going widely publish "We made the biggest mistake ever!"  Nope.  Are warmies going to publish a retraction?  No, they are still going strong, cutting off the temperature chart at the end of 2016, including the El Nino peak as 'proof'.

Here's the current currents.

The Gulf Stream is being viciously attacked by Arctic cold water.  I haven't seen this in the many years that this chart has been available.

Finally, the wet winds.

It doesn't really show that much, other than Europe is not getting any rain.  We, in Toronto, are benefiting from Gulf air plumes.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Linux -- Getting the Epson ES-200 to work

It's a portable scanner that I reviewed.

In my review, I mused who even uses scanners these days?  Anyway, getting it to work on Linux was a killer.  Epson has the president's nephew write the drivers.  You look at the script and you wonder if Grade 5 could do better.  I eventually got it working by using their generic program, configuring and compiling.  It needed a zillion new libraries, so I must have done 'make' a dozen times.

Anyway, it's super-fast and if you deal with paper input, then it's great.  The stupid advertising has the print to the front, but it only scans print to the back.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Google is Doomed


There it is, women get paid less for the same qualifications (university degree) and job title (programmer).  On this basis there are probably a lot of men that get paid a lot less than the top at that same job title.

This is the end of the Silicon Valley Method.  That is paying some people an obscene amount of money if they are producing at more than 10 times the average.  Anyway, most people in Palo Alto know that the only way to get paid enough to live there is to have a start-up and become 'acqui-hired'. The job title and qualifications are the same but you get paid 10 times as much as the hired staff.

This can't go on.  Big companies need a thousand job titles.  My old company was totally commie in how it paid.  Everybody got the same.  There was no production.  It was the old thing:  "They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work."  Nobody was happy, but this is the way of lawyer-controlled life.

Tesla is going to find that out, as well.  No use snagging the top designer, top tunnel person, or whatever.  What are you going to call them?  Programmer, designer, geotechnical engineer.

Once all these lawsuits go through, the googs is finished.  :)

**really, the super-insane creative programmers are all men, live on jolt, and they die at 40.  Women are too smart for that.  They want a life.

***there is an engineering company that goes after the top women and lets them have a life.  They go on all sorts of trips and it's a nice environment.  Maybe not paid enough to live there, though, you need an insane husband.  :)

Ridiculous digression: The Devil goes to a bunch of kids.  Okay, I'll turn you into a super Silval programmer, you'll never have children, lose your soul, and die early.  Everybody who wants this, line up.  :)

Monday, August 7, 2017

The last joke of plate tectonics -- boring story

Okay kiddies, this is the last physics boring story to put you to sleep.  As we know, plate tectonics always wants to kill us.  It hasn't killed off life for 3 billion years, but it always tries.  It always rearranges the continents until it's successful.  The philosophers think a little breathing can kill off life, but that's nothing like pt.

The last time, pt clumped all the continents together and gave us the Mesozoic.   Although you want to ride the dinosaurs, you would have found the air a little thick.  Oxygen was a little higher and co2 was through the roof.  The air was thick with constant water vapour which is why everything didn't burn up with the increased O2.  Large mammals like us didn't exist.  You couldn't run away from the t-rex without dying of heat stroke.

Thank goodness tiny mammals made it through, mostly by hiding underground.  But then pt played its latest hand.  It separated all the continents.  We're part-way  through total separation since the Atlantic is smaller than the Pacific.  But in another 60 million years that should be even.  What then?  Well, we have fun with 'Snowball Earth', when pt tries to freeze us.

It's  already happening, but at a fraction of what could happen.  We're getting ice ages and nice weather in-between.  Imagine constant ice.  What's the reason?  Well, it's something that the global warmies couldn't even begin to imagine.  The oceans would now be at the perfect 'sweet spot' to instantly radiate any speck of heat we get from the sun or the deep earth.  Nothing left for us.  We'd all have to go to the equator where we might be able to take off our sweaters.  (kids are now asleep)

No more boring stories!

How plate tectonics tries to kill us - boring story

Any boring story about physics is sure to put the kids to sleep.  When I tried to teach the kids how to fix computers, they said "Unlike you, Dad, we were born with electricity.'  To paraphrase, they also implied 'Unlike you, Dad, physics has no impact on our lives whatsoever.'  I feel that this is the entire world, at least those that do fb.  My son flies around the world in his VR room.  

At least I got the kids next door to pick up shiny rocks.  That's a good step.  But on to the love-hate relationship life has with plate tectonics.  Without pt we would be as dead as Mars, but pt keeps trying to kill us.  We have the large pt cycles of 150 million years.  So for 150 myrs it is too hot for mammals and only dinosaurs roam, and the next 150 myrs is too cold, and only large mammals live on land.  In the ocean, nobody cares about pt because the ratio of water to land has remained exactly the same.  That's amazing!  (No, it's not, say the kids).

The plates move around like the foam on boiling porridge.  They have this great habit of fully separating and then clumping together into a big lump.  Non-physics types would think that this has nothing to do with anything, but they are wrong.  Perhaps they are right, in their own way, since homanids have been around for the last 8 million years, nothing in the pt cycle.  

On a local scale, pt tries to kill people with earthquakes and volcanoes, but these also give life.  Everybody and their dog want to settle on the slopes of an active volcano because the soil is so rich.  Giant faults may be the only source of water.  But the large cycle has always tried to kill life.

When the plates clump together, amazing things happen (kids should almost be asleep now).  All that buried ocean crust gets baked.  Huge amounts of water and co2 come out.  Since water vapour is the only effect insulating agent, the earth  gets warm.  Plants love this.  They grow in great gobs, and give us coal.  Dinosaurs try to eat the mammals.  Volcanoes everywhere try to kill us.

-to be continued.

Global water circulation - boring story

Such a miserable summer, you are going to have trouble putting the kids to sleep.  Boring stories knock them out right away.  Say it in a slow voice.  I've written many boring stories here.  It's all good science (following the Scientific Method).

This is one nobody believes and they won't remember it in the morning.  My kids never had anything to do with physics.  Okay.  -- In a world of science, the Earth is mostly ocean.  The ocean surrounds us and totally controls our climate.  Volume for volume, water carries 4000 times more heat energy than air, and wet air (precipitable) carries 10 times more energy than dry air.

Our Earth is warm, and thank goodness for that.  Higher life needs a very narrow temperature band, and organic chemistry (the type that keeps us alive) has a maximum reaction speed at our body temperature.  Isn't that amazing?  Not really, since any animal that strayed too far from that would be at a disadvantage.

For 3 billion years, our Earth has maintained a perfect temperature for life.  No giant heatwaves that killed everybody.  No total freeze-up.  Life toddled along.  During that time, we've had every possible 'disturbance' possible, factors of 10 times what we humans can do.  What saved us?  The oceans.

For through out that time Earth has had a major problem with getting rid of heat.  We've had the Sun baking us, and even worse, the earth itself had to cool from a molten mass.  Luckily we had water to act as a giant heat pipe, just like water cooling for your gaming machines.  The cooling had to be better than my son's gaming laptop.

What saved life (since humans weren't there at the time)?  Carbon dioxide, and the fact that the atmosphere wasn't a greenhouse.  This was despite the fact that we had methane instead of oxygen.  Can you imagine what would have happened if all that 'greenhouse gas philosophy' was true?  No life.

Lucky for us the atmosphere is a vigorous mass of convection, not a greenhouse in sight.  That brought heat energy (which is molecular vibration) to the upper atmosphere where carbon dioxide lit up like a lightbulb and radiated all that heat into space.  If you were on the Moon, with your infrared goggles, you would have seen that the Earth is a very dim star.  Also lots of microwave energy.

That's what saved us at the beginning, and the next boring story is how we have survived through billions of years of nasty plate tectonics.

Cottage Report

With the end of this miserable long weekend, we can officially call this a miserable summer.  For the 10 years that our monster El Nino was building up, we had wonderful summers.  Now it's back to the usual  -- meh.  Huntsville had it even more miserable, with all the sharknados.

The whole family left early.  I'm left with the dog to do miserable work.  The rain's coming in and I'll have a fire.  We've used the sauna a lot this summer, the first time for 10 years (in the summer).  The good news is that our cottage potato patch did well this summer, normally it gets dried out.

ps.  horrible weather means good fishing.  Here is my lake trout, delivered by uberfish.

very meaty and will be yummy.  I recommend Uberfish *** for all your needs.  :)

***doesn't actually exist

Saturday, August 5, 2017

My Ontario Siberian Summer

This is me at the cottage, north of Peterborough.  I take a lot of steroids to look good without a shirt.  Somebody else caught the fish, but I had to pose with it.  We are having a Siberian summer because the Pacific has shut down and the air is coming straight from there.  Once in while we have a trumpian hot air mass coming from the south, but that is getting scarce, what with his siberian troubles.

In o-siberia, we wait for a few minutes when the sun is out, and we're sheltered from the wind.  Then I can take a photo.  For the rest of the time I'm up the hill cutting wood for the winter.  I like to take these pictures so everybody in siberio can think it will get warmer, with all the warmies yammering about that.

ps.  Drizzle flurries off Georgian Bay.  Smells like snow!

pps.  All over, trumpfront coming in.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Gulf Stream cut off by Arctic water, Europe in the doldrums

While we are about to get Siberian air, eu is in totally stagnant air, with it slowly drifting up from the Sahara.  I'll never be able to make fun of the euro warmies now!  They are dying with 40 deg. temps.  All the warmies will be happy, it's the end of the world!  Meanwhile, global temps are diving.

ps.  the latest ocean current map show the gs totally destroyed by the cold current from the Arctic.  This is significant.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Oklahoma earthquakes burst the dam

Not really, but there was a heck of a lot of them with a total of an m6, maybe.  This follows a rise in the price of oil, but I haven't looked at natgas.  Every time there is a speck of hope people get fracking and send the frack waste to OK.  The m4.2 was a shallow thrust and knocked out some substations.  That would make it 10 cm/s pgv.

Toronto real estate heads for a hole

I got my two monthly climate charts and I always wait for this one, but the darn guy is taking a summer holiday.  All the media is finally into it.  The fun begins at guessing the drop in price.  The media will take the word of the banks and give us 20%  - ha!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ding, dong, global warming is dead!

In the news today, somebody has done another statistical projection to find that we will all die this century.  That's totally true, I won't be around.  However, this projection all depends on one nasty little physical constant.  The Universal Carbon Sensitivity Constant, pronounced Uksuk.  They never mention it.  If we normalize it within its stated range, we get:

1.0  - We all die tomorrow.  Every breath you exhale could melt steel.

0.0 - It was all just as phoney as the Ozone Hole

The latest graphs show what we Canadians have known this summer - get more firewood!

Although a little summer uptick, the sat-temps show us zooming into a hole, just like Toronto housing prices.

And here's a little cheer for polar bear lovers.

The ice volume is now burying itself into the main band.  I suspect we'll start to see it zoom above.  That means Trudeau can celebrate.  Yeah!  We love massive amounts of ice.  blah.

I'm taking a trip to newfieland this fall.  I'll bring lots of winter stuff.

So, the Uksuk is really zero, and this has been ocean currents all along.  See you skiing downtown this year.  :)

ps.  I write so that the Twits and the Zucks can't understand me.  The literate authors on the Guardian are all complaining that it's the end of democracy.  They are wrong.  It's the end of elitism.  Modern tech gives way too much power for stupid people to dig themselves into a big hole.  :)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Cottage Report

Real July weather at the end of July.  Hot and sunny.  Very nice.  Maybe we do get 3 days of summer after all.

Sunday - just as hot and sunny.  Got another fish!  Two seasons - Winter and 3 days in July.  :)

Monday - came back and the 401 was burning.  Avoided all that.  The fish was great for dinner.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Yeah, I got a 'bollocks'

I love commenting in the Guardian.  I pay to subscribe and it's worth every penny.

This is exactly my argument against climate science, no hard physics. Both are more philosophy than scientific method. So, in both cases who is accountable if global temperatures and Toronto housing prices plunge? Nobody, since people choose which philosopher to believe.
  • 45
    Absolute bollocks. The idea that climate is just physics is just arrogance ( if you are a physicist) and ignorance ( if you are not).
  • 67
    I was going to ask:"Are you mad?" but then I realised that the question is unnecessary. You are mad. Climate science is driven by hard physics. But I assume that it isn't the sort of "hard physics" you agree with and therefore is just "philosophy". Decades of readings from all over the world, from ancient ice cores and from space underpin the "hard physics", but if you think the earth was made by god a few thousand years ago the ice cores and the historic readings must be wrong. Fair enough. Put your faith in fairies and leave the hard physics to scientists.
  • 23
    Thank you.
This is great!  The copy-over is a bit screwed.  (whoops, just realized the url is a security thing, please ignore it)

On another note, we have a perfect Arctic vortex again.  The Gulf Stream air is avoiding Europe.  Everybody is cold.

With the Guardian I feel I'm in a Potter pub, where 'hard physics' is defined as temperature readings.