Sunday, December 11, 2016

The Perils of Buying with Amazon

So, I love shopping with Ammie.  I'm a big reviewer and I get stuff.  But there is one horrible trap you can sucked into without having a clue why.

When you order from a third party, you have no idea if they are in Canada, the US, or China.  Ammie now washes its hands of any such dealings.

We are sorry to hear that you did not receive your merchandise for Order 702-4557307-5919427. Please understand that has no way to fulfill an order which you placed with a third party merchant on our site. We can, however, guarantee you a refund through an A-to-z Claim.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced as a result of this issue.  The vast majority of orders from sellers are trouble-free, but for the occasional one that doesn't work out, we are happy to employ the A-to-z Guarantee and as a result a full refund is been issued. We hope that this solution works for you.

If you have legal questions or concerns, please contact our Legal team at this address:
Legal Dept.
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226
Fax: 206-266-7010

We regret that we cannot correspond with you further about this issue.


Account Specialist
A-to-z Guarantee Program

I ordered something, had no clue where it was from and Border Services seized it.  They sent me a nasty note, stating that I was the importer of record, and I was responsible for its disposal.  I desperately tried to contact them, and then contacted everybody at Amazon, stating that since I never received it, it isn't my concern.  No such luck.  They have abandoned me, as you see by the letter.  I will now wait for the next letter from Border Services, and then sue.  They use American lawyers and have no clue about obligations in Canada.  I can get the costs up into the thousands, and any arbitrator will award costs because Amazon is so opaque about this.

I don't know what you will want to do.  For now, I am checking whether a company is US, and I might not order from them.  But it is very difficult to do.

**This will become a fine study of companies who follow putinomics, like Google and Ammie.  If you are nasty to your employees, and kill off all the bright ones, then there is nobody to deal reasonably with these small issues.  Ammie has nobody in Canada with both intelligence and power, they do all their thinking with bots, so they don't have to deal with Canadian labour laws, like maternity leave.  :)  I may escalate this through my MP and federal consumer protection.  It will become a great nationalistic cry "Don't treat us like Americans!"  :)

***This is the start of social-media war.  I've had lots of these and it is always to mutual destruction, and great entertainment.  You can help me by trying to get through their bots.  Any success will be reported here.

pps.  The hypothesis is that there are no Canadians working there that can rub two brains together.  The experiment, to be conducted by you, is to go to Customer Service, pick other, other, other, and ask the question "Are your facilities friendly to baby seals?"  The Canadian answer would be "No baby seals have ever been injured in our facilities.".  The bots will blow up.  :)

ppps And the American Putinists will answer "Who gives a f*ck about baby seals?"  That answer is worth extra points.

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