Saturday, December 24, 2016

Linux - Waiting for Boxing Day

I have come to the conclusion that my very old Athlon 6 processor, and my even older nvidia card can't cut it in the modern world.  The new graphics desktops just freeze it randomly.  Right now I am using tightvnc to hook up to my slightly more modern a series processors.  My computer seems to survive this, and it's easier than rehooking everything.  Besides, I have a large disk on this machine, and I have to make sure it is working

I have decided I will go micro-atx and the latest amd A series.  I will reuse my ssd and move the 2 tb disk to the other machine.  That will make the new machine, my 'fun' machine, where I constantly screw it up with the latest Linux things.  The other one will be basically a disk farm.

**twas a bug before Christmas.  The qt5 updates seem to have fixed it (fingers crossed).  I still want a new toy!

**Belay that order, ensign.  I can still make it freeze under heavy load.

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