Saturday, December 31, 2016

Intelligent things that will never happen in 2017

Happy New Year everybody.  If you are looking for intelligent things to happen in 2017, save your breath.  The toast tonight will be to stupidity, may it ever reign.  :)

Intelligent Things

Canada will establish a premier nuclear research at Port Hope, giving up on loser Chalk River forever.  They will use the Korean design for the Maple reactor and actually have it work.  They will pioneer waste disposal in real rock, and give up on the Bruce Black Hole.

Somebody who knows basic physics will finally set global warming into its deserved grave, especially as world temperatures plummet.

Oklahoma will finally treat the freshwater frack waste before they get the full New Madrid series of m7's and 8's.

Trumpypants will have an epiphany on the road to Damascus.

Realtors will finally report that Toronto and Vancouver housing prices are plunging by 50%.

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