Thursday, December 15, 2016

Amazing double El Nino ends droughts in California and Toronto

Wow, I've only been able to monitor wet air and currents for a while now, but we are into an amazing time.

Clouds       Currents

The Gulf Stream is pumping warm air into the Arctic, which whips around Greenland, and comes back at us.  In the Pacific, the north Pacific current is dead, and the El2 is backwashing right to Central America.  Normally, we get high plumes which hit the Yukon and come down at us in the form of an Alberta Clipper.  Not this year.

These low, straight west, plumes are soaking California, warming up the mudslides, and then hitting us with huge snow storms.  We are lucky that we are not getting a simultaneous Gulf of Mexico plume.  :)

Remember that with physics, and not philosophy, water has a specific heat orders above that of air, and the ocean currents control our weather, not carbon.

**really, trumpypants should give me money.  :)

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